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An unusual town has hypnotic horoscopes.

And the new, quieter Wankel engines we had installed did not produce enough noise to spook the observed subjects in the process -- while concurrently pleasing the Environmental-Noise Nazis.

Diz then began to go into technical features that I had no real clue about, looking away from me as he rambled. I sighed and reached out to touch his shoulder, causing him to look me in the face again.

"Diz; stay on topic here. What has got you so disturbed?" I asked. "You know that I would like to be able to help in any way that I can."

I was still sure that it was all about some difficult technical hurdle he had encountered. While I could not help very much with the technical aspects of our project, I was well prepared to continue to hold up my end of things in our partnership. Not only did I provide capital, I offered Diz a place to live, a place to build and test the gear (my garage), and -- most importantly to focused engineers who were subject to mood swings -- encouragement.

"Glenn; I..." he paused and thought for a second as he looked at me. Then he reached for his tablet controller. "I will simply show you." His eyes began to dart as he said this and he followed up with a strange comment, falling back into some of his earlier Indian speech habits. "But please not to blame the messenger."

Diz held up the tablet controller after cuing the video he had stored. At first I had difficulty discerning just what I was viewing. The motion was initially blurry and jumpy.

"Here is where the video stabilization took over," he explained, enlarging the video frame on the tablet screen as the moving imagery on screen began to flow smoothly. I watched the ground beneath the UAV in the video move across the approximately 9-inch screen. I noted the change from grass and trees to asphalt and concrete. He had evidently been piloting the UAV out of the areas restricted to fields and woods and into more built-up areas.
"I guess I could have knocked on your window, but I did not wish to startle you and I did not wish to endanger the UAV." He sort of grinned as he said this. I still did not know what he was talking about.

Then I realized what I was seeing on screen. I was looking at ... ME! It was video of me at my desk, speaking toward the direction of my speaker phone in my office at work. I could not hear anything except the hum of the UAV and the noises of traffic and other activities one would expect in a commercial area.

"You took this just outside the window to my office!" I exclaimed. Diz only nodded as I continued to watch.

I was impressed by the quality of the video. Of course, I smiled as I realized that our company would need to pay more attention to the details of our cleaning and building maintenance contract. The window, through which I was looking at myself in the video, from the outside, was noticeably streaked with grime and in desperate need of cleaning. I could not help but chuckle.

Suddenly, the screen's imagery changed to a rainbow-colored m__lange of pastels and dark colors. The shapes that had been there before with normal video were now there in outline only. But the colors were strange. It looked like I was in the middle of a weather radar image on The Weather Channel.

"This is the IR view," Diz said before I could even ask. Now that I realized I was watching the video in infrared mode, I understood that the different colors were actually different renderings of heat signatures. The window, since it was in direct sunlight, obviously distorted what was being viewed through it, as it had its own heat signature.

"Diz, this is great," I said with a grin. "I know the wildlife guys will love this when they try to track the herds."

Diz did not say anything to that. He pulled that tablet controller back and activated what looked like another video file. He sighed and held it out for me to see.

This time, the video began in IR mode.