Funny Great sex between 2 very different people. Porn Pics

She experiences her best friend Beth.

I sat there and stared at it in awe, my wet lips gaping open as I watched it bob menacingly while the flowing pre-cum drizzled from the tip onto my face.

He had a beautiful circumcised cock, about 9" long and just a little thicker than Mr. Jarvis' cock but a little smaller around than Sven's. The thick root sprung forth from a dark nest of curly pubic hair, so different from Sven's clean-shaven crotch. It had a slight upward curve that it made it look all that much more powerful. His balls looked swollen and heavy with cum. He said it had been a while for him and I hoped they were overflowing with a big load for me. As a drop of pre-cum fell on my upper lip, I feathered my tongue out and quickly lapped it up and drew it back into my mouth.

"Mmmmm," I let out a little purr of satisfaction. Getting a quick taste of his silky fluid had not gone unnoticed by Kurt and my eyes flicked up to see him smiling down at me. I could see a fine sheen of sweat on his face and a look of pure lust in his eyes as he reached forward and took my head forcefully into his hands once again.

"Oh fuck, that pretty mouth of yours looks so good....and I need this so bad," he said as he held my head in place and leaned his body slightly forward until he fed the broad flared head right in between my parted wet lips. I felt my lips slip over the sloped contours of the spongy membranes until they slipped nicely over the pronounced ridge. With the big knob safely within my hot mouth, I closed my lips tightly against his velvety shaft. As soon as I had it trapped inside my mouth, I let my tongue explore all around his hot enflamed cock-head as I coated it in a slick coating of my flowing spit.

"Oh yeah....fuck that's good," he said as he held my head still for a second and let me suck on his engorged red knob. I let my cheeks close in around it to envelope him in a hot wet sheath as I sucked and licked at his drooling fuck-stick. His pre-cum tasted different than either Mr. Jarvis' or Sven's, not worse, not better, just different. I loved it and realized I had an insatiable appetite for cum; it didn't seem to matter who it came from, just as long as I could taste it in my mouth and swallow it. As I swallowed the first big taste of his flowing seed, I knew I wanted more.

"Oh Jesus, it looks like we both want this one fast," Kurt said as he took a firm grip on my head and then started flexing his hips back and forth. It looked like he was just going to give me a good face-fucking and I reached up and set my little hands on the cheeks of his wide bum to let him know I was fine with that. As he started to move in and out of my mouth, I used my hands to pull him harder against me to let him know he could give it to me as hard as he wanted.

"Oh fuck, Joey....well, if you want're gonna get it." He gripped tightly onto my head and started levering himself back and forth more vigorously. I could feel the muscles flexing in his backside as he started to jack-hammer his cock in and out of my sucking mouth. I could hear him breathing raggedly as he pistoned his thick throbbing cock back and forth within the slick confines of my sucking mouth. The hot friction of his sliding cock against my lips felt exquisite as I continued to suck and lick as his massive erection assaulted my mouth.

"OH FUCK KID....THIS IS GONNA BE A BIG ONE....GET READY..." I felt his cock get just a little bit stiffer as it sawed back and forth deliciously between my lips. "OH YEAH......HERE IT COMES!" he groaned loudly as I felt his cock twitch and then the first blast shot forth. Oh man, it was a good thing he had a firm grip on my head; that first powerful blast was so thick and massive, I think it would have blown my head right off his cock. My mouth seemed to fill instantly with his thick heavy semen. As it rolled over my tongue and filled my cheeks, it felt incredibly dense and I realized it must have been absolutely loaded with his bottled-up sperm.