Funny Descent. An ensnared intruder shows her good behaviour. Porn Pics

Hands Tied.

I stared at Mamiko's naked body, her flat stomach reflecting a glow from the living room torchieres and thought about when I might fuck her.

"Okay, Rick. With one exception, I think we have a deal. Now, here's the real deal: much of the secret of my success is in the use of very carefully designed equipment. Some of it you could likely find online, at great expense, and some of it is custom designed, built by my husband. The point is, regardless of your valuation of my expertise," she paused to stare at me, "the hardware is pure genius, and I must charge for its use."

I sighed and sat back. Smiling, I turned to her. "How much?"

"So, I've been trying to figure out a fair rate. There are literally dozens of contraptions we can use - each has its creative possibilities. The little hummer Mamiko has attached to your cunt, for example, is totally custom, but something much simpler can be purchased for about $250 downtown from a great little shop I'll recommend to you. If you think you'll want to use it more often, it would be a smart buy. But for now, why don't we treat it as a rental - say $50/hour on __ hour increments? She won't be able to take much more than 30 minutes at a time anyway. The frame is another thing entirely. That's custom built. It would likely cost you $500 from any metal worker, but it really has far greater flexibility. For that, I think $25/hour is more reasonable, and in this case, she could be attached to it for quite a while..."

"Okay, okay, I get it. But let's not nickel-and-dime me. Either, you need to draw up a schedule of rental prices on the entirety of your equipment, or we agree on a flat hourly rate." I raised my eyebrows, letting her decide how much effort she wanted to put into it.

It was her turn to sigh, taking a sip from her cocktail. "Fine. Fine. If you weren't such a great negotiator, I'd be annoyed." She smiled thinly. "Would $50/hour per piece meet with your approval?"

I almost agreed, wishing to get on with it, when it occurred to me I could be seeing $500 charges easily, depending on how "creative" she chose to get. I started laughing. "You almost had me, Anna! You're really too much."

She looked at me innocently before relaxing into a smile. "So? What do you suggest?"

"Here's the thing - I'm taking your word that the equipment is some kind of secret sauce, and at the same time, I don't want to limit our possibilities. Still, to be fair, I won't be forking over hundreds of dollars just because it suits your twisted sense of humor." I stopped, letting the indecision drift between us.

"Okay fine." She moved first to fill the void. "$200/hour with a guarantee of at least two pieces of equipment in use at any time."

"$100 and four pieces, otherwise $50. Mamiko can keep accounts." I stared at her, not knowing at all whether I was screwing myself or not.

She almost countered, stopped, and sighed. "Fine. You want to write it up?"

I added a clause, she approved it, we both initialed and signed the agreement. She made a copy of it and shoved it in a drawer, I put mine back in my briefcase.

"With that little unpleasantness out of the way, let's see how the little cunts are fairing."

She offered me her arm and we moved into the parlor.

Mamiko had taken a position outside of Loren's field of vision, holding a small remote control, staring at the television. I looked at the show she was watching, inhaling sharply when I realized it was a closed circuit video of the inside of Loren's vagina...and rectum.

Loren was struggling not to moan, her head clamped facing up, her legs spread by the frame, the contraption over her pelvis making small chug-a-chug noises, her pussy emitting small quiffs every now and again.

"What...the...fuck?" I looked over at Anna who had refreshed her drink - suggesting I do the same.

"Yes, it is a complex little twist on an endoscope.