Funny Taking It to the Next Level. Porn Pics

Bobby calls Amber Fargo.

I lay there on the stage while man after man came by, some softly touched my pussy and others slipped fingers between the folds and kissed, licked and plunged fingers deeply creating deep sensations. I was yearning for more and more. I could feel my liquid pouring out. Each man was different but each seemed to know just what my pussy wanted and how it liked to be touched, sucked and entered. Then out of the corner of my eye I saw my husband watching. He was instructing each man, telling what to do, where to lick me. Saying don't let her come yet. Just what I was thinking. I wanted this to last and last.

The camera man was walking down the line. The red chair then announced, "Each women on the stage is going to come, one by one but only when the camera is on her. Next month watching the parade of women coming, the looks of ecstasy, the shudder, will be our movie."

The camera caught the faces, tits, pussies and sounds of women coming.

When it was my turn to come for the camera my husband said to me, "Sweetheart you look so hot, I have my cock out and it's so hard. A woman has been licking me all this time but I am going to come for you and you for me."

The man playing with my pussy as he said this was circling my clit with his tongue and had his hands on my nipples. My husband said to him, "Bring your hands down slowly ftom her tits to her pussy, then slip your fingers deep inside her, bring them in and out slowly." I felt this rush of pleasure.

"She's so wet." He said. "The perfume of her pussy is intoxicating."

"Good," my husband said. "Now, harder and quicker." As he talked he breathed heavily and he groaned.

"My cock is disappearing into this beautiful women's mouth," he said. "You are close aren't you?"

Oh good heavens I thought. I am so close.

"Come first my handsome beautiful husband." I murmured.

"Now. Here in front of all these people." I said huskily.

I heard his loud groan as he came hard. The woman stepped away as his cock spurted and his cum rained over my body. I rubbed it into my breasts and across my stomach. He stepped close to where I lay and I pulled his softening cock in my mouth and gently cleaned it. My pussy still ached, waiting.

My husband's fingers replaced the other man's and he stepped back with others in the audience to watch. I felt the familiar tingling.

"Don't come yet." My husband whispered. "Wait".

It was agony to wait knowing everyone was watching, was looking at me hearing the sounds of my wet pussy. I saw the person filming stand in front of me and I began to shudder. As my hips bucked, my husband groaned with me and he began to touch his cock that was jerking as it hardened. I pulled it in my mouth as he continued to finger me. While I held his cock gently licking, I shook with the ending tremors. We walked back down to the seats and held each other while the camera moved on to another couple. I heard another couple say "that was really hot."

As I finished writing the dream, I pulled the flash drive out of the computer and double checked that nothing remained on the computer. I thought of giving this to my husband, but reconsidered. First I would share it with Anna on Monday. As I walked to the lady's room I thought I saw a familiar face in the hall. I glanced back, no I shook my head, darting into the family restroom, where I could clean up unnoticed.

As I walked back to the office there was a white note on my desk.

All it said was 'well done'. It was written in the old fashioned script no one teaches anymore. A cup of tea sat on my desk. An old cup, a China one with beautiful flowers.

And underneath it was a story. Written by Anna. By this time I was not surprised that it too took place in the theater and that a movie was being made. Whatever was going on here was beyond me. I just went with it. In Anna's story the event started with a dance. It went like this.

When we walked in we were given the instructions in written form.