Funny Horny in the Jacuzzi. Porn Pics

Niece & uncle bump into each other.

She could feel her pussy quivering as she arched her back, but the overwhelming feeling was interrupted when her hands slipped down the man's legs. She had been holding onto a handful of his boxers but she pulled them down as she slipped, springing his cock free and allowing it to bounce up to slap her across the face.

Cassie stared in disbelief at the massive cock in front of her face, instinctually reaching for it after hesitating momentarily; meanwhile, the man had used his big hands to grab both her ass cheeks to catch her, pulling her back up to his face as he spread her pussy lips with the tips of his fingers and drove his tongue deeper inside her. Even though she could feel the orgasm she was denied rebuilding inside her almost immediately, her mind was focused on the rock-hard shaft inches from her face.

She wrapped both hands around the cock, amazed her tiny fingers almost didn't reach all the way around it, then slowly ran her right hand all the way up to the tip as she cradled it in her arm. Once again, she stopped because she was astonished it was nearly as big as her arm, but she cried out when she felt her pussy gush from the biggest orgasm of her life. Cassie weakly pleaded, "Noooo, don't stop," before she could catch herself when the guy spun her around and dropped her back on her feet with her legs wobbling under her so bad she almost collapsed.

Her face was burning red and juices were running down her legs, so she cupped her pussy in one of her hands to cover herself; however, her body betrayed her again because her still twitching pussy sent tingling sensation through her when her fingers brushed against her enflamed clit. Cassie slipped her middle finger inside herself without thinking in response, and she used her other hand that had been covering her breasts to pinch her nipple while she twisted it gently.

It all happened so fast and she was so lost in her own ecstasy she jumped when one of the men laughed and said, "Fuck! I knew you was a slut, but DAMN girl!" Cassie jerked the finger out but the man behind her pushed his cock between her legs, rubbing across her pussy and making her whimper longingly. She clamped her legs closed as the man slid his shaft back and forth to try and stop him, but she was already way too wet and was unable to stifle the moan that slipped out from the stimulation.

Cassie's knees buckled when the man pulled back and for the first time she saw all three of the big black cocks as she looked up at them from the ground. Her mouth was gaping open as she stared wide eyed in amazement, realizing the first one she had held was actually the smallest. As if she were entranced, Cassie slowly reached out for the other two cocks, grabbing one in each hand. The one on her left seemed about the same thickness as the first one, just a couple inches longer; but, the one on her right was considerably thicker, shorter than the first by several inches yet so fat it seemed her fingers could hardly wrap around half of it.

Before she could react, the man in front of her pushed the tip of his cock in her mouth as he grabbed the back of her head to keep her from jerking back. Cassie tensed up, squeezing the cocks in her hands as she pulled on them and looked up at the man as he said, "Time to return the favor after I had you gushing a minute ago."

"This little slut aint never seen a real cock before, she can't handle our shit," taunted the man on the left as the first cock pushed against Cassie's throat, making her try to pull back again but failing as the man held her firmly in place. After gagging a couple times, she managed to adjust, then the man pulled down on her hair to make her look up at him as he resumed pushing into her throat. Cassie tried to fight off gagging to prove she could hold her own, but she was obsessing over the massive cock stretching her throat, wanting to take more all on her own.

It felt like steel between her teeth, so big she was compelled to force more into her throat as sh