Funny Unexpected 3 way. Porn Pics

My wife and I try to resume a normal life.

Slowly you lean in and brush your lips against mine. My fingers reach up and bury themselves in your hair, pulling you closer. Now the kiss becomes more passionate, your tongue probing until my mouth opens to let it play with mine. As we kiss, your hands caress my breasts so gently, lightly pinching the nipples to make them hard.

With a groan you stop and say "Let's go for a walk on the beach." I grab a sundress and put it on over my naked body. Good enough cover for a walk. Hand in hand we walk by the ocean's edge, admiring the scenery and enjoying the warm sun. Before long we're a mile down the beach from the hotel, where very few people go. The palm trees are close together here, with lots of bushy undergrowth. Soon we spy what looks like a very faint trail through the bushes. We look at each other and decide to follow it. About ten minutes later the "trail" comes out in a clearing and we stop to look around in surprise. We have found a hidden tide pool with its own strip of pristine white sand. Looks like no one's been here in eons, if ever.

With a wicked gleam in your eye, you strip off your trunks, yank my sundress off over my head and lead me by the hand to the water. It's crystal clear and warm as bath water. We dive in and swim, playfully splashing each other, until finally you grab me and pull me close, your hands on my ass, letting me feel your hardness against me. You kiss me and let your mouth travel down my neck, nibbling and licking sending little shocks through my body. You continue down til you reach a nipple and suck it into your mouth, massaging it with your tongue and making me moan. You alternate this treatment from one nipple to the other til my knees are weak. At the same time your hand finds its way between my legs and starts teasing my pussy lips. Ever so gently you probe deeper, pushing a finger inside me to feel how hot and wet I am. Then your finger slowly circles my clit with just the right pressure to make me groan with pleasure. Now you start rubbing my clit while in my ear you whisper "I want to make you cum baby, again and again." You increase the pressure a little on that magic button and your mouth goes back to my nipples, sucking and gently biting. With two fingers inside my pussy and your thumb on my clit, I can't take anymore. My head arches back and I shudder explosively with my first orgasm.

As I calm down a bit my hand reaches down to feel you, and I find your cock hard in spite of the cool water. "Mmmmmm I want to taste you" I say and we go back up on the sand where our clothes and towel are lying. I spread out the towel and make you lie on your back. Straddling your ribcage, facing away from you, I begin lightly rubbing and stroking you, as your hands caress my back. I lean down to kiss your belly button, then move to run my tongue over your inner thighs, my hair brushing against your cock.

I bathe your balls with my tongue and rub your cock against my cheek. Then I slowly run just the tip of my tongue up and down your hard shaft while my fingers lightly play with your balls. Your moans encourage me so I kiss and nibble along the length and run my tongue over the sensitive tip of your cock. Finally I suck the head into my mouth and hold it there while my tongue swirls around it. I hear you gasping, moaning, and I know you want me to suck it all in, but I decide to tease a bit longer.

Suddenly I feel you grab my hips and in one motion you bury your tongue deep in my wet pussy. This makes me cry out "Oh God" with a gasp and a loud moan.

I also take it as a cue and I suck your rock hard cock all the way into my mouth and begin moving slowly up and down.