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The third installment of Steve and his niece.

She always smiled, though, so I always managed to be off the ladder and near the road when she jogged by.

After a week and a half of this I was nearly done painting the house across the street from hers and instead of cruising past she slowed to a walk and said, "It looks like you're about done."

"Yeah," I replied. "One more finish coat one the fascia and that'll do it. How does it look?"

"Nice," she said, stopping completely and studying my work. Then she pointed at a part of the house near the roof line. "But I think you missed a spot."

I looked where I thought she was pointing and didn't see what she meant so I stood closer by her side to find it. Then I noticed her grin and smiled also. "Oh that," I said. "I always leave one spot untouched so they'll call me back soon to fix it. Job security you know."

She took a half second to study me before laughing. "Good plan. I'll be sure to call someone else when our house needs to be painted.

I looked at her brick home and said, " I don't paint bricks. But if you have any other work, here's my card."

She took it from me and read. "Nice to meet you, Ben. I'm Helen."

"Pleasure's all mine." We shook hands and just that touch turned me on, but I tried not to let it show. I watched her walk away, just-round-enough-ass bumping her shorts up and down, and before she got to her door she looked back to see me watching, so I turned back to my brushes and ladders.

The next morning I kept my usual watch but she never did jog, and near 9 the sedan left again. About an hour later my cell phone rang.


"Ben? Hi this is Helen, across the street? We met yesterday."

"Hi," I said "How are you?"

"Fine, overslept a bit, but the reason I called, one of the tiles on the floor of our kitchen is cracked and I'd like to get it replaced. Do you do that sort of work? Or do you know someone who does?"

"Sure," I said, "it's not hard to fix. We just need a new tile the same color and some thin set, it'll take and hour or two tops.'

"Great. When can you stop by? I'm going out in the afternoon..."

"How about now?" I said. Just her voice and the thought of being in her house was turning me on.

"Now is fine. I'll meet you at the front door?"

"On my way," I said and hung up. As I climbed down the ladder I realized it took a new kind of effort to do this with a boner between my legs.

Helen answered the door in a tank top and sweat pants. While I was disappointed not to see her legs, the top let her breasts sway more than her usual jogging bra and they looked fantastic, C cups that were broad and round, like mixing bowls. I tried to envision the nipples I'd like to see on them, something big.

She led me to the enormous kitchen and there was the cracked tile, right beside the sink. "I'll just chip off a corner to get a match and with any luck I can fix it first thing tomorrow." I knelt down to break off a small piece.

"All this and a painter too?" she said. "Your wife is a lucky woman."

I stood up with the chunk in hand and told her, "No wife yet Helen, just me."

She nodded and I thought she looked a little nervous. Then she looked at me and said "Do you have to leave right away? There's some fresh coffee."

Looking right into her big brown eyes I leant forward and kissed her gently on the lips, praying I wasn't making a mistake. She let me kiss her. Then she put her hands around my stomach and kissed me back. I held her shoulders and opened my mouth a little. Her tongue shot in my mouth right away and we stood there exploring each others throat while I moved my hand down to the seat of her sweats and grabbed an hand full of that 40 year old jogging ass I'd been dreaming of all week. I pulled her to me and ground my crotch into her wherever it lined up, which was about her navel.

She pulled my shirt off and kissed my neck,, my chest and then my stomach as she knelt on the tile floor.

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