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Funny Dirty old man makes an offer the two cute girls can't refuse. Sex Video

An early morning delivery of fresh cream.

She's even done some minor MeTube shorts in character. We were sitting side-by-side, nearly shoulder to shoulder as she swiped. One particular picture was done in a mirror "selfie" fashion. She was wearing a very tight corset dress that was blue and white, similar to a very familiar droid we all know and love. Her breasts were practically pouring out of her top and her hand was between her legs in a provocative manner.

"Whoops... You weren't supposed to see that... Sorry"

"Hey now... You should share with the rest of the class, Missy." I said leaning in closer to her and her phone.

"Okay, but they really aren't much to look at. Really." She said modestly.

The pics varied from lingerie to sexy cosplay back to lingerie. Some were topless, but her free hand covered her nipples. There was still an eye-full of side and under boob, though.

"I showed you mine, now you show me yours." She demanded playfully.

I had several shirtless gym "Swole" pics as well as a few cosplay pics, too. None as flattering as her pictures, but she seemed pleased with them. She was definitely excited about my picture with me wearing a Fez and bow tie. As I got up for another drink, I opted to switch back to beer. I offered her one over her shoulder and she took it, letting her hand linger on mine, not taking the bottle, though. She let the cold glass rub her neck and shoulder, and when she finally took it, she pulled me into a bent over, sideways kiss. I'm pretty sure she was feeling similar fireworks to mine. I went ahead and climbed over the couch, letting our head bump in the process. We giggled as we put our beers down and started making out like ninth graders.

I was being a complete gentleman and let my hands fall on her face and neck as we kissed. Her hands were in similar places, but soon explored down to my chest. I kept it cool and let her do her thing while both of my hands were now working her neck and tangled in her hair. She reached up and pulled her clips out so I didn't pull on her hair the wrong way. I kept up my aggressive assault above her shoulders as she continued to grope my chest and stomach over my shirt. I was wearing a light, loose button-down and low-rise dark blue jeans. Her hands explored more while undoing a button or two. Her left hand snaked into the opening and now rubbed my chest more over my ribbed tank tee underneath. Once all my buttons were undone, I took some initiative and grabbed her under her thighs and pulled her into my lap. She was now kneeling on both sides of my pelvis.

We only broke the kiss long enough to discard my top and then my undershirt. My hands were now under her tee shirt, caressing her back. My fingers roamed and slid over where her bra strap would have been. She felt my mouth peak at the sides in a little smile at that. She giggled and pulled her tee off and tossed it to the adjacent love seat. We were sitting bare chest to bare chest as she started moving her hips in a subtle rocking motion on my lap. My hands found her breasts as I continued to molest her tongue with mine. My cock was rock hard and rubbing against her pussy though my jeans and thin fabric of her underwear. She started undoing my belt and pants as I worked on unbuttoning her skirt and pulling the hip zipper down one handed as my mouth found her right breast. Her strawberry scent was so much stronger with my face in her chest. It was driving me crazy.

"Take them off.

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