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Hippolyta nestled into Palfrea's comforting arms spoon fashion and they closed their eyes to win a well earned rest before they would be asked to transport the baronessa back to the villa.

The baronessa and Antalya then dined in turn on their meal. The baronessa first had to go to the trouble to explain how to pull the flesh off the artichoke petals with her bottom teeth. They shared some of the local wine and ripped off pieces of bread from a shared loaf, which they spread with a soft goat cheese. The baronessa then showed the fresh figs from the villa grounds she had risen early that morning to pick. She then pointedly asked Antalya whether she enjoyed the flavors of ripe figs.

"I have never eaten fresh figs, Baronessa." The baronessa then split one open down a vertical seam with her fingernails and handed it over to her. Antalya tentatively licked the insides; then she smelled its aroma. Its outer skin was dry and leathery, yet on the inside it was soft and wet. She scooped some of the middle out with her tongue but even after probing and jabbing at it with her tongue held hard, she only got little bit of the tender flesh.

"Antalya, take the whole fruit into your mouth. It is all meant to be savored and enjoyed." Antalya opened her mouth and bit off a piece. Some juice immediately ran out the corner of her mouth. She lapped it back with her tongue and squeezed the flesh down up against the roof of her mouth. The seeds rolled between her tongue and palate and the juices crept down her throat. She chewed on the skin, releasing even more flavors and cracking down into the seeds on her molars. She turned the soft fruit in her mouth with her tongue, feeling it against the roof of her mouth and spreading the flavor across her tastebuds. The baronessa prompted her, "Do you like it?"

"Oh, yes. I like it very much, Baronessa."

"How do you like it?"

Anatlaya swallowed the last bit and felt it slip down her throat. "It's so different. May I have another?" The baronessa split open another fig and put it up to Antalya's mouth. She took with her lips and moved it into her mouth, letting the juice trickle down her neck. It was as delicious as the first. The baronessa bit off half of another ripe fig and put the remainder into Antlya's open mouth. They both watched each other chew the fruit. With their hunger sated, the two women rinsed their hands and wiped the corners of their mouths.

Lying back on her right arm and facing Antalya, the baronessa started to speak. "Now I think it is time I lived up to some of the promises I made to your Master." Antalya sat up and kneeled back on her heels to listen to what she had to say about her Master. "He and I spent a lot of time trying to decide what would be best for you. In the end we were able to reach an agreement that allowed you to come here at a rate lower than what I charge other clients." Antalya had no idea about any agreements that had been made upon her behalf. "The many letters I received from him pleading your case persuasively won me. You are very blessed to have him as your master. Do you know this, Antalya?"

"I do believe it, Baronessa," nodding her head and thinking how grateful she was without even being aware of the lengths He had gone to in order that she be given such a gift as this.

"I am not in the habit of undervaluing my services. Your master nevertheless convinced me of your potential. He thought it might be useful for me to relate to you some of my story for you to understand yourself." The baronessa leaned forward and looked pointedly in to Antalya's face, "Because, Antalya, I was once as confused as you and I would have benefited from another more experienced submissive to help guide me to my fullest potential."

"Thank you, Baronessa.