Funny Slut and black husband submit to white men and women. Porn Pics

The adventure continues...add Pam to the mix.

She then stood up with a smile.

John rolls a 2, moves two spaces, and then draws a card.

He reads the card, "Ass. Arse. Butt. Rear end. Shitter. You know the names, now it's time to ratchet up the fun for your target. Take a butt plug, add lube, then combine the device and lube into your target's arse. It remains in place for the rest of the night."

John asks my mom, "Before I select a plug, would you like to help me pick out one that meets your experience and willingness?"

Mom flippantly replies, "I have not been touched by my husband in quite a while. I still have needs and would be amazed if any of Bill's skinny ass girlfriends can take anything close to what I can. Take whatever you want."

John in a flash pulls moms shorts and panties down and off. She is now fully naked. Thicker and curvy than the younger women yet well preserved, very few wrinkles, nice smooth skin. She has a clean cunt, just a black line pointing the way. If dad ever decided to go looking, she showed him the way. Mom is 48 so not old. Her hair is out of style, her clothes are out of style. Her breasts sag some but really, for her age, usually its much worse. Overall, mom is much sexier than I ever expected. Dad is an idiot.

John bent mom down over the table and then went to the box to find a plug. I had a full training set and some that never saw use. His eyes light up, I know exactly what he found. I would have objected but mom seemed to be experienced. She could not see the item he pulled out of the box. Jane and Donna gasp when they see the item he picked out.

In his hands is a black, two-headed "snake". It is flexible, with a two-inch thick tube going from end to end. The tube part of the "snake" is about four feet long! It was huge. The two ends were different. One end, the smaller one, started out at a point and like a cone got larger until the max then immediately tapered off to just the tube. The other end was similar, the tube ran into the tip of the cone then got larger as cones do. After the cone, it tapers to a two-inch tube and then a base that was large enough to prevent going in. Nobody says a word. Mom has no clue what he pulled out.

John lubes up mom but not excessively. He has a huge smile on his face. He is thoroughly enjoying this. He takes the smaller of the two ends with the small cone tip and inserts it into mom's ass. I stand in shock at how easily it went in. That would have killed me.

Mom taunts John with a smirk on her face, "Is that the biggest you have?"

John is silent, but he continues to push the snake up into my mother. Mom is now on her haunches, she seems curious as she can feel it moving in her and must feel John continuing to push the "snake" up into her. He is past halfway, it's getting harder to get in. In my mind as an engineer, I can see the tube coiling inside of mom like a garden hose. Still, it must be going further in.

Mom inquires, "What the hell are you putting into me?"

Donna has fun with mom, "Didn't you say you were experienced? John found something interesting. Don't worry, it's over halfway in."

Mom is surprised, 'Damn, that thing is a monster. I love it. It's stuffing me like nothing else."

Mom moans.

John continues, pushing harder now. He is at the next cone. He gets about three-quarters of the way up the cone when mom grunts. She is sweating and pushing into John as he pushes forward. Finally, it pops in. Mom screams ouch and then collapses on the table. She orgasms.

We all stand around, stunned at the display. Mom stands up and lets out a moan.

Mom shudders, "This is amazing. I need me one of these. What an incredible way to go to sleep. If it's possible to sleep with this in me. Damn, I must keep this in. Oh, what a joy. I love you guys."

Karen rolls a 5 and moves to my space. She smiles.

Karen smiles cutely, "It says to draw a card and then I draw a second card and lucky me, you're the target of both.