Funny Rick's new lesson - Threesomes. Porn Pics

Hot sex on a hot day.


Samantha had seen the drink at Mexican restaurants but never tried it. She poured herself a half glass and passed the pitcher to Keiko. She took a tentative sip and then another longer one. It was sweet and tasted of cinnamon, very creamy on the tongue. "It's good, what's in it?"

Keiko spoke up, something she hadn't done much of so far. "Milk, cinnamon, almonds, sugar and rice. Traditional recipes use water instead of milk, but we prefer it this way."

Samantha took another sip and was able to appreciate the subtlety of the almonds against the more obvious cinnamon flavor. "It's really good -- like everything you make."

Keiko met her gaze and thanked her, and they all ate heartily. Samantha washed down a bit of taco with the last of her horchata. The meal distracted her nicely from what the other women were not wearing, although she couldn't help stealing a couple of glances at Angela's rosy pink nipples showing clearly through the white fabric of her cover-up. Downing the last of her horchata, she suddenly felt strangely self-conscious, over-dressed in her t-shirt and shorts. So, she blurted out the first comment that came to mind. "I notice you drink a lot of milk." Sam mentally kicked herself for the comment as soon as it was out of her mouth. Freudian slip much?

Angela just smiled and answered. "Good for your teeth and bones, right? Of course we're picky about where our milk comes from. Luckily, we've found a very reliable local supplier."

That didn't surprise Samantha. Angela and Rich obviously liked to have the best of everything. "An organic farmer?"

"Something like that. Although it's not really much of a farm. Only one cow." She exchanged a sly smile with Keiko. "For now."

When Keiko started to clear the dishes, Angela stood and grabbed her own plate. "Sunday is supposed to be Keiko's day off, but she insists on cooking anyway."

"It's what I love to do," Keiko added demurely.

"Yes, and we love that you love it. But at least we can help with the clean up on your day off."

Samantha took the hint and helped to clear the table. She wasn't all that comfortable with being waited on anyway.

Once they had dishes in the washer and the leftovers put away, Angela suggested, "Meet us by the pool?"

Samantha hesitated. She could see Angela's body even more clearly when she was standing and knew that she wouldn't wear the cover-up much longer. Curiosity melted in the face of reality, and she stammered an excuse, "I . . . I really need to catch up on some reading before the semester starts. Maybe next time."

Angela smiled. "You know where to find us if you change your mind."

Back in her room, Samantha tried to do some reading. Nothing she needed for class, just something to keep busy. She found herself strangely unsettled though, and couldn't shake the feeling that she was missing out on something exciting. It reminded her of when she was a child and her parents sent her to bed when there was still company in the house. She'd never been able to sleep and would sneak out of bed to spy on the grown-ups. There was never anything interesting to see, just adults having boring adult conversations, but she still couldn't make herself go back to bed until the company left.

Unable to concentrate, she gave up on her book and started to pace. She considered doing some shopping, but her pacing led her right to the large windows that looked out onto the back yard. She realized she had a particularly good view of the pool. Her room didn't look out directly over it, being off to one side, but if she stood close to the window she could see everything but the area nearest the house.

The long, rectangular pool was situated parallel to the residence, with the deep end nearest her room. She spotted Angela and Keiko lying out on wooden loungers on the far side. As expected, they were nude.

Samantha quickly stepped back from the window, afraid that they would see her.