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Masa is sent to train with a new master, whom she hates.


"So are there any guys you've fucked on the cruise that you'd want to continue seeing?"

"No, sweetheart, I've compared everyone with you and nobody even comes close. When they're fucking me, I find I'm just going through the motions, without much emotion. Usually all I want is to get back with you. For me, the lovingness of the sex is what's important, not the physicality."

We remained silent for a few minutes, each thinking our own thoughts in companionable silence, listening to the squawks and chirps of the birds in the trees. Charles eventually broke the silence.

"So if we agreed to have an open marriage and promised each other that if we did wish to take another partner, either short or long term, that we would tell the other, would that be Ok?"

"Yes," I agreed, "And not only that but how about if we wanted to and if we both agreed, that we could bring another partner to our marriage bed. Would that be Ok?"

Charles thought about this for a few seconds only, then replied.

"Yes, that's a good idea. It guarantees that there is nothing hidden between us and also, if for example, I brought Penny along, it would mean you and Penny could make love together if you wanted, once you'd exhausted me," he grinned.

"Sounds good," I replied, "Let's call that a done deal and seal it with a kiss."

We reached across the small table and kissed each other briefly, then finished lunch, paid the bill and walked to the nearby beach. We had learned that the only beach where full nudity was permitted was Anse Tarare but decided that we'd just stay locally rather than travel there. After all, we had a ship full of naked people so nudity was actually no novelty. We spread our towels on the beach and stripped to our thong bathing suits. I decide to go topless as many of the women were. We rubbed sunscreen into each other and held hands as we soaked up the rays, happy to be together as any newly engaged couple would be.

We swam in the tepid sea, splashing each other and playing like children, then dried ourselves, donned our clothing once again and headed back to the ship and blessed nudity. It was amazing how quickly nudity became the norm and clothes became constrictive. As we lay beside the pool Penny approached us and lay down next to Charles. We chatted for a few minutes then Penny noticed my ring.

"Well you guys didn't waste any time," she said, "What a beauty! It's a gorgeous ring and it suits you so well."

"Thank you, Penny," I replied, "Charles chose it. He seems to have excellent taste in rings."

"Did you get time to discuss us at all?" she asked.

"Yes," replied Charles, leaving it like that.

"Is that yes you've decided or yes we can be together?" she asked, obviously frustrated at his answer.


"Oh, thank you darling," Penny kissed Charles, "And thank you too, Cherie for allowing me access to your fianc__ and soon-to-be husband."

Penny leaned across Charles and we kissed, tongues exploring mouths, until Charles needed some air.

"Yes, we decided over lunch that we would allow each other to have sexual relations with other people so long as it was all open and above board. So when we get home, Cherie will be moving in with me, although I haven't asked her about that yet." He looked at me and I nodded my head vigorously. "And if you wish to visit you certainly can."

"So how long could I stay? Just a night, or maybe once a week or what?"

Charles and I looked at each other, realizing we hadn't discussed this.

"What do you think, darling, for as long as we all agree?"

"Yes," I agreed, "That sounds fine."

"Sound Ok to you Penny? Really that means you can come and live with us until we decide to kick you out, and from what we've seen that's unlikely to happen."

"So you mean that you'd welcome me into your marriage bed so we could all make love together?"

"Yes, definitely," I said, "After all, I hope I'm pregnant and when I'm huge I guess I won't feel like sex a great deal so Charles will have to make love with you to get his rocks off.