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Funny Dad & son's girlfriend become 'good' friends. Sex Video

She tells about her first group experience.

I did so, slowly followed by Sherri who managed it after a struggle. I followed Agnes out of the room and up the stairs with Sherri in tow behind me. Apparently, a lonely night in the guest room was not to be as we followed Agnes into the 'mistress' bedroom and Sherri was made to kneel on the floor by the bed.

It felt like an honour to be allowed to help Agnes undress and I determined to be as careful and as gentle as I could. I unfastened it and let the front fall and then eased it over her hips. I held it and she used a hand on my shoulder to steady herself as she stepped out of it. I folded it as neatly as I could and then looked around. I saw a chair in front of the dressing table and placed it tidily on the seat. She had turned to face me, and she held her hands out to the side. Her thong was black and lacy and looked very expensive. It certainly hid a lot more than my pathetic scrap. I dropped to my knees and hooked my fingers through the waist band. I couldn't believe I was being allowed to do this. I pulled it down to her ankles and she used my head to balance as she stepped out of it. I sat back on my heels and looked up. I could clearly see why Sherri loved this woman. She was only a few years older than Sherri, but she had a presence. I had a moment to admire her well-toned body before she turned away and sat on the bed. She lifted one stocking covered leg in my direction. I took off her shoe and peeled the stocking down her leg and off. I did the same for her other leg and she was naked before me. What she did next both surprised and delighted me.

She lay back on the bed and lifted her legs on as well and then simply posed for me. One leg was straight and the other was bent at the knee and splayed out sideways blatantly exposing her pussy to me. I was hypnotised by the sight. In a gentle voice she softly mentioned my thong and my shoes. I'd forgotten all about them. I stood up and she looked even lovelier from there and I could see signs of her arousal. I pushed my ruined thong down my legs and kicked off my shoes. Sherri had cleaned me before dinner with her tongue but since then I had leaked quite a lot more. Somehow it didn't seem to matter. She shuffled across the bed to the far side and then motioned for me to lay beside her. I was on cloud nine! She slid back across until we were touching. I could feel the hard point of one of her nipples on my arm. And then we kissed!

I was as nervous as hell but as the kiss went on I started to relax a little. Her tongue pushed between my lips and I sucked on it. We kissed for ages and both our hands reached across for each other. Suddenly feeling bold I searched for and found her breast. Her nipple was hard, and I played with it gently. She broke from our kiss and her head dipped down and she latched on to my breast with her lips. It was sucked hard and it made me tremble. I felt her hand slide over my tummy and then slip easily between my wet lips.

She glanced up at me. "You seem to be insatiable today, Marie," she said and slipped two fingers inside me. I swear I could have laid back and cum right there and then but something inside me made me want this moment to go on forever. I gasped for air and tried to think of things other than those two fingers. It was something of a relief when they slid out. Her head was still resting on my breasts and I watched over her shoulder as she lifted the fingers to her nose and inhaled deeply. Her tongue flicked out almost lizard-like and tasted her fingers before she put them in her mouth. I lay there amazed.

"You smell and taste as good if not better than before," she said, turning her head to look at me.

Her fingers travelled down again leaving a wet snail-trail in their wake and my pussy was filled again.

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