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Funny Woman seduces the Lineman for power. Sex Video

Meet Lily the nymphomaniac and her partner in crime, Grace.

The large ham sized hand pushed me back into the bar, "You don't got her yet fucker. Come up with some purrty words and then if she likes 'm she's yours for the night."

She backhanded his shoulder, something I knew I could never get away with. "Jack stop being such as asshole. And it is up to me if I go or not. Not you, and maybe I won't come back."

I stood up as tall as I could and still had to lean back to look him in the eye. "Kind sir, when she leaves here with me tonight you will never get her back."

"See." She said backhanding him again, but it was no more than a fly kicking a rhinoceros. The fly may think they are making an impression but the rhino doesn't even know something is going on.

Some of his friends, big friends, had begun to gather around and I saw some uncertainty creep into him, "So fuckhead, start with the fancy talking."

"Can I get a beer first?" I was encouraged by the glint of fear in his eyes and I figured I should try to get something out of this. I had no illusions that the girl would really come with me. I would recite something and she would smile, he would smile and I would duck his punch before running really fast out the door, if I was lucky. If not, I would at least get the beer because I know I wouldn't get reimbursed for the doctor bills.

"Sure," he felt in charge again, "hey Bill a beer for my little friend here." The bartender who I couldn't even get to acknowledge my existence handed me a beer in a millisecond. "OK, come on smart boy, speak. Bark bark." He laughed thinking he was being witty. Several of his large friends had the same sick sense of humor, they laughed with him. Most of the bar was now gathering around to see the fun.

"Let me drink a little to loosen the tongue sort to speak." I took two large swigs hoping for some liquid courage.

"Here this might help." She gave me a kiss on the forehead before shoving my face into her tits. I went all the way in-between them, they were longer than my head was wide. She smelled of decent perfume with a little musky sweat tossed in, tasted salty and her tits were nice and soft. Being buried in her tits as she squeezed my ass made my dick began to throb. This gave me an idea. She stepped back as I cleared my throat, took another gulp of beer and stepped into the breach.

Bountiful moon wrapped in gossamer so light

soothes my aching and desperate heart

for tis with dread o my sweet that I must depart

from thee this delightful slumbering night.

Translucent moons brimming with opalescence

thy breasts doth not conceal your desires

to seize my enduring love thy body requires

as thy unfettered orbs seduce in utter magnificence

Smoldering and throbbing I shall to thee

come womanhood full and flowers thy only apparel

succumbing to our true essence be our only peril

when our soaring loving souls are set free.

Ere I finishing this ode to thy voluptuous tits

o thy most unforgettable and glorious Eve

for grieve I will if I leave without thee

to never know thy wondrous naughty bits.

I turned quickly to the bar and chugged the remains of my beer and waited, for what I wasn't sure. I didn't want to turn around and get a punch in the face. But then if I did maybe I would get a kiss, a laugh or two as hoped for when the last verse came to me, but what I didn't expect was the roaring applause. Along with the hoots and laughter it was very surprising. Only later did it occur to me that maybe I should have written it down. My biggest concern, right then, as I turned and took a bow in the area they had opened up for me when I started reciting was how did Jack take it? More importantly how did she take it? The guys roared with laughter at the last verse but I was hopeful the first few lines about our hearts and desires had worked on her.

Jack, unsure, a feeling he wasn't use to, looked around.

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