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Funny Edovan's head is reeling after the "battle" he just lost. Sex Video

A young girl is brought to a stud shop by an older friend.

Though it got a little late, I did finish all my assignments. Crawling into bed alone really sucked, but I was so wiped out from the weekend that mercifully I slept like a log.

* * * * *

On Tuesday I was finally able to speak to Lynn during lunch. Nearly whispering, I asked if she'd like to see me IF I could get over her way that evening. Perhaps by saying I was borrowing a book from Jim, maybe I could stay a half-hour. Lynn said OK, but not to expect much, she was still rather sore from the weekend. Nonetheless, I was still on cloud 9.

Monday night I'd gotten pretty horny and lost some sleep. Thinking about Carly being on the other side of my wall became like a jingle you can't get out of your head. Things Beth had said about getting Carly to seduce me haunted me like a persistent ghost. The erection I got from trying to picture Carly in the buff made it impossible to sleep. Eventually I gave in to my hormones; grabbing a tissue, I pumped away on my tingling penis.

Allowing my brain to go anywhere it wanted, I fantasized about having sex with Carly; in her bed, in my bed, in the living room, in the barn. I dreamed about undressing her, or about exposing myself to her. Naturally, I was trying to picture my penis moving in and out of a pussy I'd never seen; I could sort of imagine it, but was never able to bring my vision of Carly into focus.

Even though I'd gotten very excited, I couldn't quite get off. Then I began imagining Beth undressing my sister. I pictured them French Kissing, Beth sucking on Carly's teats, Beth moving her head between Carly's legs...

Bingo!! My load spewed into the tissue. Having been extremely turned on, I achieved a fairly intense orgasm. Finally, the sandman paid his visit.

Tuesday really dragged, I had trouble staying awake in class. After school I rushed through chores, tackled my homework, then wolfed down dinner. The "I need to get a book from Jimmy, be back in an hour." worked, as I expected it to. Pedaling like mad, I hurried to the Troutman's, but not so fast that I'd get sweaty.

After knocking, I opened the Troutman's front door, shouting, "I'm here, OK to come in."

Letting myself in as usual when I heard their folks shout "Hi, Larry." from the Living Room, I headed to Jim's room. He helped me select a book 'to borrow'. Best of all, now I had something 'to return' sometime soon! Jim understood completely when I explained I was feeling lonely and wanted to see Lynn for a few minutes.

Jim smiled a Cheshire Cat grin. "Beth gave me a great blowjob in the barn before dinner to help me with my 'loneliness'." I wanted to be so cool about everything, but I think I blushed anyway.

Putting the book on the tiny oak corner table in the hallway, I gently knocked on Lynn's door. A second later it opened, Lynn pulled me inside, then laid a toe-curling kiss on me.

"We'd probably be OK here, but I'd feel better if I met you at the guest cabin. I'll slip out the back door, meet me there in 5 minutes. Ride your bike up the drive like you're leaving, then park it behind the cabin. Now, go kiss Beth goodnight, that'll make the 5 minutes go quickly." Lynn gave my lips a swift peck, my butt a quick squeeze, then shoved me out her door.

Having wanted to see Beth anyway, at least to say "Hi." I tapped on her door, then entered at her "come in."

"Larry! Hi, sugar."

She was off the bed and in my arms in record time. It was a nice greeting. The French kiss that followed was nicer still.

"Got time to help me with my homework?" she said playfully as she rubbed her breasts into my chest then her crotch into mine. I groaned, God she felt great.

"I've missed you a lot, Beth. But as much as I'm dying to jump on you, I'm meeting Lynn at the cabin in 2 minutes. I've got to get home soon with the book I just had to come borrow from your brother. However, I do have time for another nice kiss..."

Smiling, Beth welded her mouth to mine.

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