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Funny Randy's ordeal continues. Sex Video

My continued dark path.

I sat in the car watching them, Mia very animated, the other girl looking at me looking at them. After a minute, I got out and walked over, the girl's stare causing Mia to turn.

"Oh, hi."

With that, she thanked the other girl and took my hand.

"Where are you parked?" giving my hand a squeeze.

I stepper over to the Porsche and opened the passenger door.

"You're shitting me!" her stunned response, looking at the car as I continued to hold the door.

The other girl walked over, having seen me get out, stood next to Mia, as I continued to hold the door and asked, "What is this?

"It's a 930, Slant Nose Cabriolet," I answered with authority.

Mia sat down on the low leather seat and I shut the door.

The girl walked around behind the car, giving it a good look and ended up next to the driver's door.

"I've never seen a Porsche like this," she observed.

Now standing next to her, I opened the door and offered her the opportunity to sit behind the steering wheel.

She took the opportunity.

Closing the door, I leaned on the sill and said, "Not very many people have seen one of these, at least not in person. I'm told that there were only six hundred and fifty made and sold worldwide... and only one hundred and thirty were Cabriolets."

"Impressive," she said, but then turned and looked at Mia, a tilt of her head to the right. Turning back to me, she smiled and said, "But you know what they say about boys and their exotic toys."

"I do," I replied with a smile of my own, opening the door and helping her out... "and sometimes it's true"

Now looking at Mia, the girl said, "I'll see you in class tomorrow... but be careful of this one."

I then retorted, "Hey... thanks for the endorsement... and I think she's already well aware of my character."

Mia smiles and waved to her.

A hundred yards down the road, Mia practically screamed, "Isn't she gorgeous!

I looked at her and deadpanned, "Oh hi."

Complete blank!

"You asked me to pick you up at twelve in front of the Administration Building. I was there on time... but you were so engrossed in your, one way conversation with that girl... you never even noticed me. If she hadn't been staring at me, you'd probably still be standing there! Then, when you finally did turn around... all I got was, "Oh hi."

Unbuckling her seatbelt, she knelt up, swiveled, leaned over the gear shift and gave me a really big kiss, with lots of tongue. Once she was finished, she sat back down and put on her seat belt.

Then she sat there looking at me.

I was stopped at a traffic light and waited until I turned the corner, before I said, "Oh hi..." and... "That was much better..." and... "Yes she is!"

That earned me a very adult stare.

She wanted me to take her to a Tavern downtown, her stomach set on their, Chicken Parmesan. As fate would have it... it was the same restaurant that Elle and I frequented when we'd shop at Seductive Nights.

But there was no parking spots to be found, so we ended up at a Parking Garage, where the only "safe" parking spot for the Porsche was on the roof.

I didn't even put the top up.

We walked the two and a half blocks to the Tavern, where we were seated in the window, both of us ordering drinks, Mia's "Fake" ID working perfectly without Pam to monitor her.

After the drinks were served and we'd ordered lunch, Mia suddenly went all, "... crazy, teeny bopper crazy crush," on the girl I'd encountered at the college.

"She's so awesome! She's so hot. I'm doing everything I can to seduce her... offering her free grass... help with grading papers... babysitting her kids...!"


"Kids... I thought she was a student... a friend of yours?"

A little giggle... "No, her name is Anna and she's my Journalism teacher and she's a better teacher than she is beautiful. I'd do anything to get her into bed... or on the floor, or in the fucking laundry room!"

This wasn't going anywhere near where I wanted it to go! I'd gotten no indications, no signs or signals tha

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