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Sometimes punishment happens just because.

Her hands found his hips and pulled him to her. Despite his size, his monster slid inside her with an amazing ease.

Her rational brain, what was left of it, attempted to return her to reality but every logical thought was swept away by the needs of her body. Her pussy was on fire and she needed his huge black cock-any black cock-to help put out the flames.

She hooked her legs around his plump black body. When she dug the soles of her feet into the top of his ass, it forced the old Chief's rock hard cock even more deeply inside her.

He hadn't even started to fuck her, and yet it was her hips that were already rising and falling. She was growling out her need as she thrust upwards, fucking him, while the wily old Chief simply held himself in position, staring down into her eyes, letting her use his cock as her masturbatory tool.

She came twice-screaming out her orgasms-before he started to move inside her. The friction was unbelievable. It felt as if he was going to split her apart.

He took her slowly at first, letting her get used to his size and girth, and when she adjusted it was hear her voice she could hear, begging him to fuck her faster. When he obliged, she found herself screaming again. He might be old and ridiculous looking, with that pot-belly, nose-ring and pony tail, but was hitting places deep inside her that Josef never touched.

He had the stamina of an ox, too. How long had he been fucking her? She was whimpering with every deep thrust. She'd cum again-how many times?-before the Chief eventually succumbed to the inevitable and reached his climax.

When he came, the feeling of his seed spurting inside her caused another orgasm to run through her body. Thank God she couldn't have children.

His cock left her and when she lay back exhausted, there was an awful feeling of emptiness inside her pussy.

Someone was feeding her a drink, more kekpa, and as she forced her narrowed eyes open she realised it was Kara. Her eyes widened at the thought that the younger woman had remained in the hut to watch her being fucked.
Then Kara was pouring more of the kekpa onto the Chief's spent manhood. Almost miraculously, as she rubbed it in, he grew back into full erection in front of Michelle's hazy eyes.

As he turned back to the bed again, his eyes ran appreciatively across her naked white body. This time he flipped her onto her stomach as easily as turning chicken on the barbeque. Arousal flared inside her. She needed to be filled again. When he settled behind her, she pushed her ass upwards so that he could ram his black meat back inside her.

This time she made no pretence of trying to hold back her screams as he pounded her. One hand was in her blonde hair, yanking her head back. The other was on her hip, holding her steady.

She had never been fucked as fully, as completely, as deeply or as continuously as this old man fucked her. Josef didn't even get near making her cum like this. Despite the ache in her limbs, the sweat covering her body, she gave almost as good as she got, pumping back hard in response to every hard thrust.

The night wore on and there was no end to the wonderful pounding. Each time he eventually orgasmed, Kara smeared more kekpa on his cock and he fucked her again.

By the time light started to filter into the hut, it felt like he had taken her in every position she knew and a couple she had never even dreamed off. She could remember being on top of him at one point-arms out wide like the wings of a plane as she'd undulated on his beautifully hard cock like a lap dancer-but after that the images were fuzzy in her head.

And she'd long ago lost count of the orgasms he'd given her...


Michelle had no clear recollection of how she had got back to her hut. Perhaps Kara had helped her there? Yes, that would account for the strange dreams she had experienced.

She had dreamt that a young woman-Kara?-had been between her legs, slowly lapping at her sensitive clit.