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Young man's stepmother takes him.

I was feeling good about myself and my confidence had surged. Finally, I shrugged and wandered over to her. "Inspiration strikes again?" I asked.

"Like a falling i-beam," she said, giving me only a brief glance beneath her sharply upturned brows. "Another vocal piece, but with a four-part band."

I looked at the page, into which she was writing the music for bass, drums, lead guitar and vocals nearly simultaneously. "It looks pretty busy," I remarked.

"It's thrash metal," Nissi said, arching one of those perfect eyebrows at me. "The lead guitar will need to be pretty good at sweep picking and two-hand tapping. All-in-all it's pretty demanding. And very angry."

"Are you angry about something?" I asked, trying to make my tone light.

Nissi laughed. "At you? No. I guess I'm angry at our situation. Angry at myself for getting in a little deeper than I should." She paused. "Screw it. Yes, I'm angry at you, too. But I know it's not your fault. So don't worry about it."

"Maybe it was my fault. You told me you liked me and I told you to back off."

"Well, the way you make it sound, maybe I should be pissed at you."

I sighed. "I guess I was afraid. It's not like you told me you were in love, but that's what I heard. I'm sorry for that. I know you don't want to be alone, and I don't want to see you in pain."

Nissi stared at me, her eyes narrowed. It looked like she was wrestling with her feelings, like one part of her wanted to tell me to go fuck myself and the other wanted to hold me to her. "You're just trying to get into my pants again." For a moment, I thought she had opted for the first sentiment, but then her lips quirked and I saw that she was shaking, barely holding in laughter. It finally burst out of her, and I couldn't help but laugh along with her.

"So does this mean I didn't completely screw us up forever?" I asked hopefully.

"Not yet," she said. "It's hard to stay mad at you when you're so adorable."

"And devastatingly handsome," I added.

"Geeks aren't handsome," she corrected me." You're cute. But I like that better than handsome. All the handsome guys I've known were jerks."

"So are we going to have to write a lot of furious, angst-ridden lyrics now?" I asked, seeing that she was no longer scribbling furiously at the page and appeared to be looking it over for mistakes.

"Afraid so," she said. "If I don't at least get some of this done, I'll be up all night." She leaned over the table and gave me a brief but passionate kiss. "So let's get started," she said.
Hours later, we put the final touches on Nissi's latest piece. "I could use a shower," she said. "How about you?"

"Is that an invitation to do something a little naughty?"

"Why don't you come find out?" Nissi said, standing and swaying her way to the bathroom. She had narrow hips, but that didn't matter so much when she moved them like that. She stopped at the bathroom door and looked over her shoulder at me. "Coming?"

I jumped out of my chair to follow. Nissi had just started the shower and her back was still to me when I entered. I put my arms around her waist and pulled her back against me. She cooed happily when I kissed the nape of her neck. "Mmm, keep that up and you're going to start something."

"I already have," I said, and pressed my hardening cock up against her. She rubbed the firm curve of her ass against it. I kissed her again as I fumbled at the buttons of her blouse. I felt her hand go up the back of my leg and come to rest on my ass.

Nissi turned partway so that she could whisper in my ear. "I need us out of these clothes, Norm. I need your cock inside me." She gave my lobe a little nibble that sent a tingle down my spine.

I finally managed to get the rest of her buttons in spite of her wet kisses all over my neck and the side of my face.