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A son's love is sorely tested.

"Bree, would you shut the fuck up? Pretty please?"

On the last question I had even mimicked her tone.

"Oh, right! It's your turn!"

I swear my eyeballs were about to roll so high they'd do a complete flip inside my skull. Then I remembered my experience with girls and Bree had always been far more grossed out that the conservative girls I had had the misfortune to fuck.

"Fucking fine. I bet my cum tastes like fucking tapioca pudding. Now, fuck off."

I was already smiling, prepared for the, "eeew,gross!" ... that ... wasn't happening?

Her tiny hand took mine and she yanked me off the stool with a stern look, then pulled me towards a different part of the house.

"...the fuck?"

She placed her hands on my waist, making me take half a step back, suddenly, she yanked them down, and said with a husky voice that made my now exposed cock twitch, "I call a lie on that one..."

"Fuck, Bree! Wait! Of course it's a lie, I can't taste like fucking tapioca pugggrnhhh..." my words got cut off by her tongue trailing from the base of my dick and not stopping until she gave the tip a little kiss, "Bree, wait the fuck up! If Ed finds out, he'll put my balls in a fucking spiralizer!"

You might have noticed that "fuck" is one of my favorite words.

"You'd better cum... before... he gets home, then," her sentence paused at different points where she licked my cock, making me groan every single time. How could an 18-year-old be so good at oral sex?!

I mean, she was an annoyance, but she was doing a damn fine job of making me lose it in other ways. I had to stop her. Blowjobs are awesome, but having your balls intact by the end of the day is even more comforting. I had to think of something that had grossed the other girls out.

"I'll fucking come on your face, Bree," I sternly warned her. In an instant, when I had used that phrase, that had stopped the last BJ I had been receiving.

Bree's lower lip trembled with lust. Fuck, that wasn't supposed to happen. She attacked my cock and in a swift movement deepthroated me like her throat was on fire and only the head of my cock could put it out.

I felt the texture of her throat as she pumped me in and out.

Good thing I had a wall behind me, my knees went weak and I almost lost my balance. Then, she stopped. I let a sigh of frustration out. She stood up and I blinked, disbelieving.

"My room," she simply said.

I pulled my pants up and followed her like a puppy. Inside the room, she didn't waste any time getting naked... when had she gotten so damn fine? She got to the edge of the bed, laid down face up and extended a hand towards my groin.

I took everything off and gave her a smug smile when I noticed she liked what she was seeing. I knelt beside her and fed her my dick.

I honestly couldn't believe her. All the oral action I had had before that point paled in comparison. I had gotten "well, just get the fuck off already" blowjobs, but Bree was enjoying having me in her mouth. She took her sweet time bathing my dick with her tongue.

She caressed me, licked me, just... I can't describe it as a simple BJ. She was making out with my cock with such fervor I was almost choking, I wanted to grunt and inhale at the same time.

Well, I did choke a little, I admit. She smiled below me and took me deep into her mouth. I was getting closer, way too fast compared with my previous experiences. Then I saw we had been at it almost forty minutes.


Her tongue then did marvelous things to the underside of my cock and I gasped, not knowing where the fuck had she learned to do that.

"Bree, I..."

She giggled and took me deep into her mouth once more, her nose touching my shaved skin.

"Oh, fuck, Bree, you're gonna make me cum..."

She pulled her face away at that instant. I must've raised my eyebrow, because she giggled once more and told me with her sultry voice, "weren't you gonna cum over my face?"

That did it.