Funny Based on a true Victorian story. Porn Pics

Missionary nun is taken by a biker gang.

o kuch Azra se kaha tha kya woh sach hai? kya tum waqai main woh sab kuch chahti ho jo tumne Azra se kaha tha?

Her face color immediately went red and she bowed her head. Her eyes were looking the ground and on the other hand I was looking this great little 4 feet 8 inches tall Venus and my Blood pressure was started raising slowly and I went towards her. She was looking like a new shy bride, like a fresh rose. The sweet smell of her perfume was driving me more and more horny. I put my hands on her shoulders and took her up, we then went inside her bedroom and I asked her.

Bhabhi, meri teraf daikho aur batao keh are you still interested in that?

She just looked at me, gave me the most beautiful and shy smile I have ever seen and said Suno Fardi, please mujhe aainda se Bhabhi na kehna, Just call me Aysha and blushed red. Then she made me sit on her master bed and went to close all the doors and windows. When she came back I suddenly embraced her and crushed her body against mine. Her soft body felt so good. We got to the bed embracing each other and also kissing. We rolled on our backs and we were rubbing our faces with each other. Finally I was over her and was feeling her face and hair with my hands.

I was looking into her eyes and was thinking how lucky I was to have my innocent Bhabhi under me. I took her Dupatta off and her tight small sized breasts were in front of me under her Kameez. She didn't wear a bra. Her nipples were outlined in the material. They looked so nice. I got down and placed my head on her breasts. I rubbed that slowly all over her breast area. She closed her eyes and let out a soft moan. I kept going down rubbing my head on her chest, belly and lower abdomen. Then my head rested on her cunt. I rubbed my face on her lower genital area over her Silky Shalwar. She tightened her thighs and crushed my face in between them. I rubbed her thighs with my face while disrobing the knot of her Shalwar.

I felt pain down my body. My erected shaft was trying to dig hole in my pants but I loved my sweet bhabhi Aysha so much and wanted to go slow and make her first one with me the most pleasurable one for her. The knot was opened and I pulled her Shalwar down and threw it away. What I saw was amazing. She had the sexiest legs, milky white, not so long as she was so petite but perfectly in shape with not a single hair on it, she was the picture of youthful fitness. Her waist was so tiny and I could see how white her flesh was under her clothes. Her stomach was very firm, almost hard and flat, but so sexy looking as I watched her breathing, the muscles in her tummy gently moving up and down. I looked at her deep little belly button and I wanted so much to be able to lean down, to press my warm lips against her soft body. I threw off her wet sweet smelling panty and looked at her the beautiful shaved pussy. The lips were a bit thick and were shining as a result of her juices dripping in excitement but her pussy was so small like her physique.

Gently I slid my hand down her tiny flat belly, my finger sliding into that clit and in an instant I felt the warmth, the wetness and the tightness of her little pussy as she found herself `preparing' for her new lover.