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A sibling road trip heats up in a hotel.

Taking a long swallow he brought the drink to her

"Sit up" he commanded and held the can to her lips for her to gulp thirstily from it. When her thirst was quenched he told her to stand and led her to the bathroom, and told her to take care of things. He waited in the doorway watching her struggle to relieve herself in his presence. She endured the humiliation without speaking, and hurried as fast as she could. When she finished she washed her hands in the sink, and returned to stand uncertainly in front of him.

This time Drake led her to the coffee table that was situated in the middle of the rustically furnished room. He untied her hands, and feet then stood back from her.

"Remove your clothing" He demanded voice soft velvety steel.

Caitlin looked up at him a tear welling in her eyes and spilling over to run down her cheeks. She recognized the fact that it was futile to fight him, and did as he said. Slowly removing her sweatshirt and pj bottoms.

"All of it Caitlin" He commanded.

Her hands trembling she removed her lacy white bra, and matching panties.

Standing before him nude Caitlin's mind was spinning. Dear god what was he going to do to her?

"Kneel down and lay across the table" Drake spoke startling her from her musings.

She looked at him, and at the table, slowly she lowered herself to the floor, and lay across the table. Drake knelt down next to her and untied her hands only to retie each one to the table, he did the same with her feet, spreading her legs so that he could see her trimmed snatch. Standing up he went around to the front of her and stood arms across his chest looking down at her.

"Caitlin you have deliberately and thoughtlessly provoked me with your sluttish behavior. Did you think that I would allow you to act like such a wanton hussy forever without teaching you how to treat me properly? My dear child you have so much to learn about me. Do not worry though, you will learn during the time that we are here that it does not pay for you to act so naughty. You will also learn what it is that you have been craving by your teasing ways."

Caitlin leaning over the bench cringed at the tone of his voice. Never had it been whimpish, nor servile, just never very forceful either. Now however he exuded power, the change was frightening and exciting at the same time. However she was scared to death at him having her tied in this manner.

She could not look up at him, but could hear him; as he snaked the leather belt out from around his waist it made an evil hissing sound. Dangling it in front of her face, he again spoke.

"For what you have done at the club, you will receive twenty lashes with my belt. When I am done you shall beg my apology, and promise to never act in such a manner again. You will be punished for every time that you have deliberately went out of your way and teased me, flaunting yourself and acting the whore. When I have finished with you, you will not ever think to look at another man in my presence nor will you want to my Pet."

Caitlin cried silent tears as he moved to stand beside her.

'THWAckkk!" The belt cracked against her ass. Caitlin screamed. Again he let the belt whine through the air landing across her ass. She squirmed and wiggled trying desperately to avoid it's stinging lash on her tender skin. Her wails of anguish filled the cabin, as he methodically whipped her.

"Please!" She screamed out as the belt landed again on reddened flesh. Tears falling endlessly, her face contorted.

Drake ignored her plea and let it fall again, her ass red and stinging received another lash. Welts were forming, and Caitlin's screams were now becoming endless wails of pain. Her sobs shaking her body. Yet the lash fell again and again. Drake kept going the belt landing punishingly until the twenty lashes had been administered to her.

He stood back to see the results of her behavior.