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That, however, was not to be.

John took off his glasses and rubbed his eyes. He had been grading papers at his bedroom desk for several hours while Julie ran errands. He rested his eyes by focusing on some storm clouds gathering in the sky when his phone rang.

"Still have that Internet address that I gave you," whispered a familiar voice. "When you see me leave with the kids, sign on there. You will be glad that you did." A click ended the connection.

John's heart began to pound in his ears. A moment later, John watched Irma and the children, who followed her like little ducklings, climb into the Cooper's van. As the van passed under John's window, a hand with fingers circled into an "O" emerged and gestured in the direction of his window.

Curiosity overtook John. He entered the web site address into his computer and encountered the words, "Click here for streaming video." He did so and suddenly the Cooper's bedroom, just as it had been during his surreptitious visit, appeared in living color on his computer screen.

What the fuck?

John thought for a moment and then he remembered the computer in Joy and Ray's bedroom. Obviously, computer savvy Irma had fixed things so their web camera was on without the Cooper's knowing it.

So that's how she did it, thought John. She said that she had watched Joy and this is how...with their computer!

Feeling guilty, John was about to stop this voyeuristic moment when suddenly Joy Cooper walked into the bedroom. The picture was jerky, but the images and the sound were very clear. John could see and hear everything.

John suddenly sucked in a quick breath when he realized that Joy was wearing a short skirt, but no blouse. Her lacy black bra drew his full attention. The excitement of doing the forbidden coursed through him instantly. Chills raced along his spine. John's fantasies seemed to be coming true. Partially clothed, Joy looked even more spectacular than John had imagined.

She's a goddess, thought John. He visually feasted upon the perky nipples that peeked through the gossamer material.

Joy disappeared into her closet and emerged a moment later buttoning her blouse. She turned toward her mirror, straightened her hair, and quietly dialed the phone. John could not understand the mumbled conversation that lasted only a second or two. When the call was completed Joy stepped over to her dresser and dabbed a drop of perfume behind each ear and, to John's surprise and delight, she also pressed a portion of perfume into her cleavage.

Is she getting ready for someone, John imagined.

John gazed at his computer screen. His libido and his curiosity were running wild. His conversation with Irma that night outside his garage now began to make sense. He watched, listened, and waited with great anticipation.

After a very short time, John heard a faint doorbell ring. Joy perked up, smiled to herself, and left the bedroom. John could hear a barely audible conversation, but could not make out any words. Suddenly, Joy Cooper rushed back into the bedroom, carrying a glass of wine in one hand, a bottle in the other, and she sprawled giggling across the giant bed.

A figure appeared in doorway across the room. It was Mary Murray! Chapter 3

John couldn't believe his eyes. He glanced around his own bedroom hastily to assure himself that he would not be discovered somehow. Even in the privacy of his house, he felt vulnerable. Watching Joy Cooper's most private moment with Mary Murray seemed much too easy and much too good to be true.

Mary, glass of white wine in hand, eased across the room and sat near Joy on the huge, soft bed. Even watching via a web camera, John could see that her eyes seemed to sparkle as she talked to Joy in hushed tones. The conversation seemed innocent enough, but the look in Mary's eye did not.

After what seemed a very long time, Mary began to trace her delicate fingers from Joy's waist, over her hips, and down along her thighs.