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The coven gathers...


"Rose they feel as natural as my wife's," I told her in the straightest face I could muster.

"Shannon darling is this real or has Tim put a sock in his pants to tease us?" she said as she grabbed my erect dick.

"No honey, that's all Tim I'm happy to say. But if you don't mind, I need you to let go of my husbands cock because it's about time I put my hubby to bed because I've got something that needs his immediate attention," she said taking my hand.

"Hon, I don't think I'm in any condition to drive," I told her.

"No problem Tim, we're spending the night," she told me leading me into the house. "Let me show you our room," Shannon said dragging me up the stairs.

It was a big house with at least six bedrooms. Our room was huge and was split in half with two large beds, one on each side of the room. I was still pretty drunk when Shannon and I flopped down on the king size bed. She was all over me as she took my shirt and pants off.

Have you ever been asleep and thought you were awake? Or visa versa? We were going at it hot and heavy when I looked over at the other side of the room and noticed another couple in the other bed. They were also nude and having noisy sex. I could hear her screaming at her partner to go-slow until she got use to his cock as Shannon was riding my dick above me. Was I dreaming this?

When the other girl started yelling at him to fuck her harder and Shannon put my hands on her tits I thought I was going nuts. I couldn't take my eyes off the other couple as he was now behind her pounding away. For a split second I thought he waved at me. This can't be real, but it was.

Shannon flipped me over and pulled me on top of her. She wrapped her legs around me and pulled me in tight. Shannon now met my every stroke with one of her own as she fucked me back. Every once in a while I'd glace over and watch the other couple as it looked like they were about done.

It was about two minutes later when I looked over and saw they were now watching us. I'd never done it in front of an audience before and was getting a little self-conscious when Shannon yelled.

"Fuck me hard Tim, I'm ready to cum," she shouted out as I started screwing her for all I was worth. "Oh God yes, make me cum lover," she said as we pounded each other. "I'm cumming don't stop," Shannon shouted as I dropped my load in her never letting up. We kept it up for another two minutes before I fell over on the bed next to her, exhausted.

"Shannon don't look now, but there's another couple having sex in the bed across the room," I told her.

"I know that's Carry and Bill Thompson. They were invited to spend the night also," she told me. "Are you embarrassed?"
"I don't know what I am," I told her.

"Well I noticed you couldn't keep your eyes off them all the while you were making love with me. Did it turn you on to watch them?"

"Yes. No. I don't know. It was like watching one of the porno movies, but in 3D," I told her.

As I lay there Shannon went to the bathroom and brought us back a couple of warm wet towels. I started to move around and realized rather quickly I was still hammered.

"Let me rest for a couple of minutes," I said as moved up to the top of the bed and put a pillow under my head. That's all she wrote, I was out like a light. The next thing I remembered was a pair of lips on my dick.

"Lay back hon and just enjoy this," Shannon said to me. So that's what I did. I was hung over and was surprised I could even get it up. But a warm set of lips can do wonders to a man dick. My eyes hurt to even open so I just left them shut as she worked her wonders. Even with her best efforts I was finding it difficult to get off. She'd changed her technique a little bit but after a couple of minutes I was there.

"I'm going to shoot," I told Shannon as a pair of lips started kissing me and a tongue started exploring my mouth as I finished dumping my load. Opening my eyes I saw Shannon as she kissed me again.

"You just help me win $200.00 love," Shannon said quietly.

"My mind wasn't

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