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I assumed the area of the missing wall was where the camera was set up.

When I commented on the size of the studio, Marcie told me that most of the space in the building was used for prop storage. By having an extensive collection of props, the studio could be set up for almost any theme that could be imagined. A few seconds after Marcie and I arrived in the actual photography area, John joined us. John was the photographer.

John was another is a string of surprises. He was a counterpart to Marcie. Marcie had been anticipating my reaction and burst out laughing. She told John that I had been surprised when I saw her and so she knew that I wouldn't be expecting John. We all joined in the laughter. When we calmed down John confessed that Marcie was his wife. I told them that I would never had thought that the photographer that was responsible for the daring pictures on the catalog covers would look like they could be grandparents. They replied that they were, in fact, grandparents.

Marcie went on to say that John had taken up photography when they retired and they both discovered that they had a flair for it and in particular for artistic photography. John stated that he enjoyed the excitement of trying to achieve a picture that would cause its viewers to adjust their own perceptions. That way each person saw the picture in a different way.

Marcie added that meant that each person could see the exact same thing but interpret it differently. While we talked about other various things Marcie had me fill out a modeling release.

This is required so that should the model change her mind after the picture is published she can't sue the photographer. It involved proving that I was over eighteen and certifying that I was posing of my own free will. When all the paperwork was done John asked me what kind of picture I had in mind. I told him that I wanted it to be the most erotic picture that had ever appeared on the cover of my dad's catalog. Of course I didn't actually tell him that it was my dad's catalog.

At my statement, John and Marcie exchanged a smile. I asked them what was going on. Marcie replied that she and John had been toying with the idea for a photograph that they believed would be extremely erotic. Additionally they had come up with a caption for picture would have double meaning, but that it would be so subtle that most people would have to have it explained to them. John chimed in that if it worked, they picture would be the most talked about catalog cover ever published. Marcie said that the photo would require a special body type and that when I had described myself over the phone they thought I might be the type.

Her next words obliterated the lighthearted mood I had been enjoying. She told me to take off my shirt. I stammered that it was all I had on. Marcie said that she could tell that the second she met me. Oh boy. This was it. It was put up or shut up time. Slowly, one button at a time, I began unfastening the shirt.

Recognizing my hesitation, Marcie asked me if I had ever posed nude before. My progress with the buttons slowed even further. My head bowed to avoid looking at them, I confessed that I had never posed before period. John must have heard our conversation, but wisely let Marcie handle it.

Marcie asked me if I were sure I wanted to go on and that they would understand if I wanted to stop. I was at the last button. I recognized that this was the last chance to call it off before I went too far. I could stop it here and go home. My mind flashed the thought that this is probably what my dad was expecting I would do when I faced this moment of truth.

To hell with that! I didn't even try to unhook that last button. I just grabbed the sides of the shirt and jerked. As the shirt flung open I allowed the motion to let slip off my shoulders, slide down my arms and fall to the floor. I was so proud of myself for not giving in.

That feeling lasted about a second, then it hit me.