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Funny A fellatrix is blackmailed into doing what she loves. Sex Video

In the days of ancient Rome, something lurks in the lake...

She remembered when her and her bf used to do the same thing. Even though she was an attractive in her own rights, she was sadly single now. She had come to the movies to take her mind off it her loneliness, instead she was treated to a show. The memories of her past came flooding back instantly filling her with desire.

She wanted to turn around but instead found herself drawn to the two young lovers. She had an unobstructed view of the young woman's legs spread with her boyfriend's hand pressed firmly between them. Even in the low light of the theater she could make out the flushness of her white cheeks and blond hair becoming more disheveled with ever toss of her head.

The sit above her hand caused her to lean back in her chair and slowly start to stroke her breasts through her shirt. While she had masturbated before coming to the movies, the live show rekindled the fire she had sworn she put out. It didn't take her long to unbutton her jeans and begin touching herself. Soon her own moans began to emit from her lips as she closed her eyes briefly to enjoy the pleasure wave that took her. It was much louder than she had wanted and it drew the attention of John who didn't recognize the sound.

By the time she had opened her eyes, she could see John looking at her. A devilish smile on his face as he quickened his fingering of Rochelle. He had placed her hand back on her mouth to keep her from making too much noise. The stranger below them initially had a fearful look in her eyes at being caught. Ever instinct told her to stop, but the lustful look John was giving her encouraged her onward. John could see her loosen up more as she relaxed into her masturbation routine.

She watched as John continued to pleasure Rochelle pussy driving her crazy. John moved Rochelle's leg up to give the stranger a better look at her pink pussy. The stranger pushed her jeans around her ankles exposing her milky chocolate legs. One of her hands was in her white panties and the other was rubbing her breast under her shirt. The Nubian princess had her eyes fixed on the two lovers as they continued their passion in earnest.

Then it happened, Rochelle began to cum. John pushed her head into his chest to muffle her screams as she convulsed against him. However, there was no one to comfort there stranger as the sight of the young woman cumming sent her over the edge. She rolled her eyes and snapped her head to

the side as she came. John just sat there with his mass erection looking at the two beauties in their post orgasmic glow.

Both girls laid still for a moment as their orgasms subsided. The stranger still had her hand in her pussy enjoying the aftershocks of her orgasm. John could see her shaking a bit as he withdrew his fingers from Rochelle. Rochelle recovered first and opened her eyes to see John looking down. It didn't immediately register to her what he was looking at until she trained her eyes in the direction he was looking at.

She could see the stranger, still softly rubbing herself, eyes closed, pants around her ankles, breast slightly exposed working her way through the end of her orgasm. She kissed John, quickly putting together the facts through her orgasmic haze. She knew he had always wanted someone to watch them, but had never worked up the courage. Rochelle kissed John on the cheek, drawing his attention back to her. She then kissed him again before he could say anything, the smile on her face assaying all his fears.

When the stranger opened her eyes, she could see John and Rochelle kneeling on the floor next to her seat. Both smiling intently at her.

"So did you enjoy the show?" asked John in a low whisper.

The stranger nodded, still too embarrassed by her behavior to speak.

"That's good, you're damn sexy. Name's John, this is Rochelle. Nice to meet you"

"Ebony..." replied the stranger, fighting back her embarrassment. She started to cover herself when Rochelle interrupted her.

"Oh honey, shows not over yet.

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