Funny Michael's strap-on purchase gets interesting. Porn Pics

Silence is its own reward.

..well, like schoolgirls. I'm completely naked now and I sit down on the edge of my coffee table, legs open, cock hard, balls hanging heavily in their sack of crinkled skin.

"Gather 'round, girls, and get comfortable." I say. "But why don't you take off those towels. No point in hiding your girlish charms under them."

Both girls unwrap the towels from their hips and drop them on the floor, then sink to their knees, Allison on my left and Crystal on my right. Both are about a foot away, outside of my wide-spread legs. Crystal, still more tentative than her friend, sits more stiffly, leaning back slightly. Allison on the other hand, leans in with her hands on her knees, curiosity showing in her eager, unblinking eyes.

"Get comfy, girls, cuz the Show is about to begin."

I look at each girl in turn and we exchange smiles. Then, all eyes turn their gaze on my rigid pole, which stands proud between my legs pointing at the ceiling. I take two long, slow, deep breaths and reach my hand toward my cock and wrap my fingers around the base and squeeze, pressing the hot shaft into my palm. The head and three inches of cockmeat extending above my fist . As my grip tightens, it turns a darker color, the mushroom head swells and glosses smooth, the veins stand out in relief from the bony column.

Both girls exhale in unison. I let out a low deep sigh as I bend my engorged prick this way and that, letting the girls see it pointing in different directions. Then I slide my hand slowly up the length and down again and then repeat, which makes me moan out loud. Through half closed lids, I notice Allison change to sitting Indian-style and leaning in closer. This gives me a nice view down between her legs, her soft inner thighs, and her bikini panties tight against her pussy. I continue to stroke my cock, settling into a nice steady rhythm and glance over at Crystal who is still sitting straight up, arms hanging at her sides. She looks transfixed, her chest and ribs heaving with her exaggerated breathing. Most noticeably, her large nipples are poking stiff and hard beneath her bikini top.

"You see, girls, masturbation is one of the most enjoyable activities a person can indulge in. As a youngster, when masturbation is a relatively new discovery, rapid achievement of orgasm is the goal. This is usually due to the fact that during adolescence, jerking off is usually performed at any opportunity...often when there is no luxury of time or privacy."

With these words, I take note that both girls quickly glance sheepishly at each other. "Ah ha!" I think to myself, "they must know that firsthand." And I smile to myself as I proceed with the "lesson," all the while maintaining my slow steady pumping up and down my shaft.

"And in the blossom of youth, post-ejaculation recovery time is often brief. In other words, teenage boys are horny as hell and are able to get another hard-on again shortly after they cum."

The girls burst out in nervous laughter at my quick switch from clinical to graphic language.

"But it's a fact of life that as we age, we can't always get it up as often as we'd like."

Eying my cock, Allison giggles, "You don't seem to have that problem."

Flattered by her overt admiration of my erection, I grip it at the base and wave it from side to side.

"Well, I haven't cum yet." Then thinking I might be selling myself short, I add, "But I think I could get a boner for you sexy girls anytime."

Allison and Crystal both drink in my lewd compliment and my hand resumes it's stroking.

The "lecture" continues.

"But with maturity comes knowledge of one's body. Patience and pacing are learned. Every subtle nuance of the experience is appreciated...and milked. Prolonging the act builds intensity. And after years and years of diligent practice...masturbation becomes an Art Form. An Art Form I'm more than pleased to share with you two adorable cuties."

I stop speaking for a few moments and let my hand and cock do the talking.