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Denny Meets Phil, Rikki finds out about Jane and Denny.

All of us in the photo, staring at me and smiling. I'm sure we were all also judging me, as well. In the video, he had a handful of her hair and was stroking in and out of her throat. She was somehow taking it all in with each stroke.

He said, "That's it slut, show your family what a cock whore you are. Suck that big cock while cucky and the kids watch. They think you're a good wife and mom, but you're my slut now!"

He pulled out of her mouth and as she gasped for air, he began smacking her face with his latex encased prick.

As he smacked her pouty lips with the crown of his big cock, he continued, "Tell cucky the truth. Tell cucky that you belong to me and that he and your family don't mean shit as long as you belong to me."

She shook her head no, but was desperately trying to get his meat back into her mouth as she was.

He continued, "If you want this cock, you have to say it slut, say it."

She fairly begged when she said, "Please I need your cock. I don't need my family, I need your cock, you own me. My body, my soul. Just please give me your cock!"

With a laugh, he slammed it back in.

She whimpered in approval as he ravaged her throat with our picture shining in the background.

He gasped, "Look at the camera slut. Look cucky in the eyes as I give you cum."

Her eyes riveted to the camera and stared the best she could as he hammered her. The phone camera was shaking worse and worse as I assume he was approaching orgasm, and I'm pretty sure he nearly dropped at it one point. However, her eyes remained staring at me as I saw his cock expand and begin to spasm within the condom he was wearing.

As the video showed him unloading, it was then that I wondered why he was using a condom at all. Did he know what she had done after he left the video store and was practicing safe sex?

The video ended and no other text had arrived while I watched. I was done eating and was on my third drink when I thought my cock had finally softened enough for me to stand in public without it being obvious.

A new text rolled in. Another picture of Stacy. Her lipstick smeared and her makeup a mess from the tears and spit running down her face from the face fucking. This time, she was standing and holding the neckties that I had brought with me for work. The text comment said, "We're borrowing these, you can come up now."

I nearly killed myself getting the check paid and hustling to the elevator. My mind was going crazy with thoughts of what would happen next. Was I to watch them? What other things would he want me to do? I was ragged with excitement and desire as I tumbled out of the elevator and quickly inserted the keycard into my hotel room lock.

It took my five tries to get it right, but when it finally showed green, I burst into the room, trying to be ready for anything I might see.

What I wasn't prepared for was for the room to be empty. They were not there. I was alone.

I walked to bed, still rumpled from our sex earlier and found the iPad with two things on it. The screen was still on and so had not timed out yet, so they had not been gone long. The family picture was still on the screen. Across our faces was the condom, full of semen and knotted closed. Below that was a note. It was in Stacy's writing and stated, "He's taking me to his room. He said that he'll keep you updated and if you're a good cucky, he might invite you up later."

It was signed, "I love you."

I now wondered if that was still true considering the things she said about the family while begging to have her throat ravaged. Regardless of her words, deep down, I knew it was true, she did love me. While we were both fully caught up in whatever this sex episode is, we would always be in love with each other.

I sat on the bed and could do nothing but wait. That is, wait and stare at the pictures I'd been sent and play the video repeatedly. Fuck, my cock was so hard it hurt.

Chapter 5 - Photo Stream

After 30 minutes and hearing nothing whatsoever, I was going a little insane.

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