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Funny A young woman learns about her daddy's fantasy life. Sex Video

Mom makes arrogant son clean her up after workout.

His last remaining cum blasts hit my chin and lips.
My legs had turned to jelly so I slid off my father and collapsed on the ground in front of him and the couch. He stretched out and let a hand fall on my head where he rustled my hair like I was a child. "Rachel honey," he said, "That was some amazing cock-sucking. And fuck, you've got a sweet tasting cunt."

I didn't know what to say. Thanks, um, by the way, I'm your daughter.

I just went with, "Thanks. That was really intense." And I meant it. It was intense and in the best possible way. I've never enjoyed sucking a cock like I just enjoyed sucking my dad's. And no man - or woman - has ever eaten my pussy as well as he just did, although the fact that I knew it was my own father may have contributed to that intensity.

He got up and walked into his room. I put the bathrobe back on and went to wash my face. Looking in the mirror I noticed how sexy I looked with my hair all messy and cum on my face. My dad's cum. When I went back into the lounge room he had thrown on some clothes and was putting on his boots. He told me he was about to go into town and threw a summer dress at me. It was one of my own dresses, which I gathered he had found while going through my bag. However, he had neglected to also get me a pair of panties and bra, telling me I wouldn't need them. I simply nodded okay.

He grinned and suggested I go for a walk while he was gone. He had a greenhouse around the back that I should check out and then head up a small hill where there was a tree and some shade I could sit under until he got back. I told him sure, but he could tell that I thought it sounded lame.

"Rachel, seriously, go take a walk. And make sure you take a look at the greenhouse. Help yourself to anything you like the look of."

He slapped my naked ass under the summer dress I had just put on and left through the front door. I soon heard the sound of a bike roaring off into the distance.

What the fuck do I do now? I checked my phone - no reception, nothing. I went out and checked my car. I couldn't see anything wrong with it, but when I tried the key it did absolutely nothing. I went back inside the house, but he'd locked most of the doors, including his bedroom where my bag was with my panties in them. Bastard. I guess all I could do was walk back down the road barefoot and bare-assed under this thin dress, or check out his stupid greenhouse.

I went out back and walked into the large shed that I'm guessing was what he called a greenhouse. Holy shit. Dad clearly didn't make his money running a garage on a deserted road. Dad made money growing and selling what appeared to be a very large yield of weed. This was a huge operation with a complicated lighting rig set up to a generator, and a network of tubes running nutrients to all the plants. On a table in the center was a desk and I spotted a lighter, cigarette papers and several packets of finely mixed and chopped dark green and purple buds. Dad did say to help myself and thanks to my stupid stoner ex-boyfriend, I was no novice at rolling joints, so went about preparing something for myself to smoke. After all, I needed to kill a bit of time and after recent events, I really needed to take off some of the edge.

Carrying the lighter, my newly rolled joint and a couple of beers I found in the fridge, I headed out the back and saw the small hill Dad mentioned. It was only a short walk and in the opposite direction from the hill I rolled my car down the night before. Fortunately it wasn't a super hot day and I could easily walk to the top barefoot. Once there I stretch out underneath a tree, used the lighter to crack open a beer and lit the joint. The beer was cold, the small patch of grass growing under the tree was soft, and the weed was smooth and strong. All and all, this was turning out to be a pretty damn fine day.

As I lay in the shade and felt the weed and alcohol start to work on me, I thought back to how this time yesterday I was just a curious and horny girl who wanted to find her

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