Funny Incest with a twist developing. Porn Pics

Molly continues her transformation.

He had to go back to his meeting and he said he would call me tonight at the house.

I left work around three-thirty and drove right to the house. When I arrived, there were cars and trucks in the driveway so the men working on the deck were still here. I parked the car in front of the garage where Keith usually parked and went inside.

I walked through the kitchen heading for the deck. I opened the curtain and slid open the door remembering how many times I walked through these doors naked, with things inside me that Keith had put there. I got a little tingle as I went through the door.

I walked out on the deck and all work stopped as every man turned and looked at me. There were suddenly eleven men undressing me with their eyes. I was wearing what I wore to work, a simple loose fitting short sleeve dress that came down to two inches above my knees and three inch heels; nothing special there. I began to blush and I got that itch between my legs and I felt a little wet.

A man walked up to me and introduced himself as Floyd Kilmer and said he was the foreman on the job. "I'm Heather Williams." I said, "Mr. Monroe's personal assistant. He asked me to stop by and see how the job was progressing and if you were on schedule."

"Everything's going just fine, Ms Williams," Floyd said, "Keith said you would be stopping by to check on the job. We should be done Thursday afternoon, a little ahead of schedule."

"Thanks, Mr. Kilmer," I replied, "I'll let Keith know." As I walked back into the kitchen, I could feel eleven sets of eyes on my ass and long legs. I heard Floyd yell, "Okay you horn dogs, get back to work, show's over."

I slid the door closed and pulled the curtains. My nipples were sticking out like pencil erasers and my little pussy was wet and throbbing. 'What is wrong with me?' I thought, 'A bunch of men ogle me and I get all excited?'

'Duh, well yeah;' I answered myself, 'that's what being an exhibitionist is all about.'

I got some juice from the refrigerator and went up to the bedroom. I had to do something that Keith had ordered me to do and there was no time like the present.

I took off my clothes but left my heels on because that's what Keith would have done. I walked by the mirror on the way to the armoire and looked at myself naked in high heels. I looked so fuckable. I could see why Keith liked to keep me this way. I wondered how the workmen would have reacted if I went to check on them like this. I could never do anything like that unless Keith made me do it and was there to protect me, but the thought of doing it made my nipples get harder and my clit tingle.

'Enough of this', I thought to myself, 'You, Miss Williams, have a job to do.' I walked to the armoire and picked up the butt plug and the lube. It looked a lot bigger in my hand than it did in Keith's. I spread my legs, bent over and pressed the rounded head of the plug against my puckered little asshole.

I got it about half way in and had to stop. It hurt, but not too bad but playing with my tiny asshole got me so excited that my legs started to tremble. I got the lube and rubbed some on my little asshole and walked over to the bed. I climbed on the bed and got up on my knees with my ass sticking in the air. I reached underneath myself, between my legs, with both hands holding the butt plug; my face and chest pressing into the bedspread.

I remembered being in almost this same position last night. I pressed the plug against my asshole and pushed. It slid in and my little hole stretched and started to hurt but I kept pushing it inside my ass. I didn't think I was going to make it but just as I was ready to quit, the plug popped into my ass and my hairless little asshole closed on the slightly narrowed part of the plug near the base.

I felt full and my asshole was really stretched, and when I walked, all those tingly feelings came back and I could feel that my thighs were wet.