Funny How I lost my virginity to the ultimate femdom fantasy. Porn Pics

Brian moves in with his aunt and cousin.

This is the woman who spends her spare time stark naked in front of a camera.

Having started her drier, she takes a stained shirt and her bottle of laundry soap around the corner to the sink area against the far wall, grateful for the opportunity to escape his gaze. Willing herself to focus, she spreads the shirt on the counter, dabs it with soap, and is rubbing it a little too vigorously with her finger tip when he is suddenly behind her, close. The noise of the driers had masked his approach and she is startled, then fearful. What if he's some kind of obsessed lunatic? But when she turns to face him, and she sees his bemused eyes, clearly full of recognition but also something like... appreciation?... her fear dissolves and is replaced by something else entirely.

"I was hoping they had a pop machine back here," he says, lamely she thinks. He is looking her straight in the eye and standing just a little too close.

Even before she answers, she can't believe her response. It was so out of character.

"Yeah, right." And a little smile.

It is all the invitation he needs. In a heartbeat, he moves to her, slips an arm around her waist, and pulls her into a deep, full-mouthed kiss which she doesn't resist. It is a strong, straightforward kiss, hot and hungry and full of a year of imaginings. She tastes the tang of his raw desire and feels her knees weaken like the heroine in a B movie. But she doesn't care. He remembers, she thinks. He saw... everything... and he remembers. Until now, her fore into erotic self-portraiture had been a guilty secret, a way to expose herself fully and unabashedly to a non-existent lover. The idea that this stranger with his hot mouth on hers and a growing bulge against her thigh, might just be that lover, is rapturous.

Driven now by a hunger of her own, she moves one hand behind his neck, brushing her fingers lightly through the soft blonde hair there. With the other, she reaches under his shirt and runs the flat of her hand over the hair just above his belt line, causing him to exhale a soft moan into her mouth. Gaining confidence at his response, she runs her tongue in light circles around the tip of his own, then gently but deliberately pulls away to look at his face.

"You know me, don't you?" she whispers. "I mean, you remember who I am."

Her voice comes out in a low, husky tone she hadn't intended.

"Yes. Oh, yes. I'm sorry, but yes."

And with another deft movement, he slips one arm under her and lifts her onto the counter. The look of surprise in those familiar eyes -- now level with his -- makes him smile, in spite of himself. Still smiling, and holding her firmly at the hips, he bends his mouth to her neck and traces a line with his tongue from just below her earlobe to her collar bone. This is the power of a photograph, she thinks, as she willingly bends her head away from him, exposing more of her neck to his mouth like an ing__nue to a vampire. She closes her eyes, shudders, and keens softly as a white hot knot of desire begins to form in a spot just below her navel, radiating heat in all directions. The knot is familiar... its undoing is less so.

Not breaking the kiss, he moves his hands from her hips to her knees, which he parts to stand belly to belly with her where she sits on the counter.