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Dylan finds a guy for her second threesome with Jason.

And she turned, and left them to the cottage.

Once they were alone Leif said,

"How do you like your new family? They love you! You lose one family, and I'm sorry about that, but I share everything with you, and today, you got a mom, a dad, and a big headed assed brother, and his crazy girlfriend out of the deal! Nice work for three months dating huh," he teased.

"They are really great Leif. I'm relieved. I really am. I...I can honestly say that this is the first time I've ever really been myself around people who are supposed to be family really. I only ever could be myself around friends in high school and college. I mean, I'm sure that there's more levels to get to relax around each other but, I could get used to this. No one jumps if I curse. Drink a little too much. Want to play and tease. Spank your naughty little ass. And they like be myself...just like you do," she added softly.

And she looked over at her beautiful man, and she couldn't help but kiss him. And hold him tight. She might be teaching him about romantic love, because he shied away from that before, but he was very adept at teaching her about other layers of love, sexual love, and familial love. And through Leif's family, it seemed that she'd learn the lesson of true familial love that wasn't conditional and based on her adherence to religious cult tradition.

"Cuddle me Leif?" she asked sweetly.

"Of course baby," said Leif softly.

They took off all their clothes, and they cuddled naked in the middle of the bed like babies. She loved the feeling of his warm hard body close to her own, and the way he cuddled her, the way he caressed her, the way he gently rubbed her skin, in a tender way, Leif understood how to hold her with tenderness and kindness as well as erotically, whispered all the messages of love that they needed to say. The warmth through his touches glowed through her in the most tender way. The feeling of safety, of security, and of love. Lynne could never have imagined that she'd be feeling such a peaceful, beautiful feeling, even a few months ago.

They didn't say anything. No vocalization was necessary, just felt a shared, tender peace wash over them as he kissed her forehead and cuddled her close.

Then they fell into a much needed nap, Lynne's naked skin to Leif's naked skin filling the two of them with tender love, and a blanket of security.

When they awoke from their nap, they were spooning.

"Oh Lynne, your skin is so soft, and you feel so good in my arms. I'm sorry I'm hard baby, I don't meant to ruin such a sweet, affectionate moment," he whispered in her ear.

Lynne felt his thick, proud erection poking into right buttock.

"Now why should you be sorry for that, the sexual feelings between us are a part of that tender love Leif. You cuddled me innocently for so long before we napped. Now we rested, cuddled each other like babies, and now that you've awoken, my body feels good to you in a sexual way. I think that's very sexy and sweet...I want to fulfill all your needs. The sweet ones like before, when we cuddle, and now, the sexy ones," she added softly, huskily.

"Well, I think you are very sexy and sweet, and I have a need that needs fulfilling. The need to make you feel good," he murmured. He necked her tenderly.

He caressed her gently with his fingers, then with his tongue, making her body tingle.

"Oh Leif, you're so gentle and good!" she cried passionately.

Once her body was tingly and wet, and she moaned for him, actually begged for him to enter her, he eased inside her gently and slowly while they lay on their sides, their hot, naked bodies being cooled by the ceiling fan spinning above their bed.

It was magical to Lynne the way he teased her with his fat, luscious dick head. She was already lubricated from the delicious way he teased and tickled her clitoris and vulva with a loving tongue.

"Baby, I want to taste your love cream," she groaned huskily.

And, she'd wanted to suck his cock, to give him pleasure, the way she felt pleasure when he tasted her earlier,