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Katie travels to The Farm seeking Travis.

Of course, such girls were out of his league. Felicia was in stocking feet and could almost look him in the eye, so she must have been around 5'8". She wrapped her arms around him and gave him a big hug. "I hope you don't mind, but I'm very affectionate and I have always wanted a brother," She smiled. "My mother and stepfather only have 2 girls. Come upstairs, I want to learn all about you."

They went to her apartment which was huge, almost as big as one floor in his parent's home. He saw an attractive brunette sitting in the corner, idly filing her nails. She was in black leather pants and a black silk blouse and he could see that both items fit her very nicely. The young woman appeared to be the same age as Felicia and was smiling at him.

"That's Nikki," Felicia smiled. "She's my roommate."

"I'm your girlfriend, dumbass," Nikki corrected. "She comes from one of the most sexually liberal places on earth and she's still uptight about telling people that she's bi. It's nice to meet you." The brunette put out her hand and Mitch took it.

"Hi, I'm Mitchell, but everyone calls me Mitch. I won't stay too long, I have to get checked in at my hotel and tomorrow I'm going to go apartment hunting. I start at DuPaul university in a few months."

"Why do you need to go to a hotel?" Nikki asked, looking at Felicia. "Why does he Felicia, can't he stay with us until he finds a nice place? We have plenty of room." Mitchell looked at his sister's girlfriend and found himself warming to her already, he thought her offer was a very kind gesture.

"Yes, he can and he can even live here too, if he wants to," Felicia smiled at her brother. "It would give us a chance for all of us to get to know each other. We'd be like a family and you can throw in for food, but don't worry about the rent. We both earn very good money, I am a costume designer for a local theatre company and Nikki is -- an entertainer."

Nikki guffawed. "She's doing it again. Look kid, I'm a former exotic dancer and now, I work as a Call Girl. I learned at a young age my best talent was fucking, so why not get paid for it? Everything I own is expensive, I wear designer clothes, drive a nice car, I eat in nice restaurants and I sleep with sexy, successful people. No losers for Nikki," She grinned. "Any of that offend you, tiger?"

Mitch laughed, he liked Nikki more with every minute. He found her sexy and very open. "Not a bit, but doesn't she mind?"

"Nope, she knew all about me right from the start. We met when I was `seeing' a friend of hers and hit it off. We slept together the first date, your older sister is wonderful in bed. She always makes me cum and I can do the same to her." Nikki told him.

"No boyfriend?" Mitchell asked his sister.

"No, I'm a lesbian," Felicia answered quickly.

Again, Nikki corrected her. "Bullshit -- you're bi and you just don't know it yet. I still say if you meet the right guy and you get a nice cock in you, you'll agree with me. Some guys are dicks, so you would need someone who's kind and loving, but still a little nasty, you'll find out what I mean. Fuck Mitch, you're a cool one -- here we are both are, your sister and her lover, talking about fucking right in front of you and you're not even batting an eyelash."

"To be honest Nikki, it isn't the weirdest thing that's happened this year," Mitch joked. They all laughed and the girls showed Mitchell where he'd be staying. He settled in and that night, he could hear them having sex, low, guttural moans and breathy pants. He wondered who was making what noise. He resisted the urge to jack off in case someone came to check on him. No one did.

The two women were bleary-eyed the next morning and both flashed him sheepish grins.

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