Funny Two friends go down a road they will never forget. Porn Pics

Her encounter with an older, married White man.

" She smirked. "Trust me, you're not going to want to try driving it yourself. You'll probably get distracted and end up in an accident."

Frank stared at her. "What-why-why would you do that?! I just got this bike! I haven't even had the chance to take it for a spin yet!"

"Here's the deal," she said. "You let me borrow this thing for a few days. When I drive it, I'll be sure to sit on it with my bare pussy." She lifted he bottom of her sundress for just a moment, revealing she indeed wore nothing else. The flash of a young, bare pussy made Frank's cock surge. Her constant light stroking of the seat, and thus his cock, was now a bit more intense, and his organ flexed in his pants.

Selina continued. "When I'm done, I'll return the vehicle, and I'll remove the spell from the seat. If, however, you refuse to let me use the bike, then I'll just take it anyway, I'll get some sandpaper to sit on, and I'll leave the spell on when I'm done. And don't forget, I'm an early bloomer. My spells are much stronger. I don't think your wife will be able to remove the spell." She smirked. "Of course, hearing her and my Mom talk at the last neighborhood block party, your wife might not even bother trying."

She was outright rubbing the seat with the flat of her hand now. Frank's cock flexed in his pants. "You can't just... that's... that's theft!" he huffed.

"Not stealing," she said. "Borrowing."

"I... I... uh..." she was rubbing the seat faster now, more firmly, her fingers curled around the curve. The phantom hands gripped him fully now, jacking him off in just the way he liked. He couldn't help but grip the handlebar of the motorcycle to steady himself as the sensations took him by surprise at their intensity.

"Ooh, that's a good idea!" she said. She narrowed her eyes slightly, and then Frank felt a second grip on his cock, though this one was still. He let go of the handlebar, and the grip released. His eyes widened again, as he realized she'd Voodoo Cocked the handle bars! He watched, entranced, as she reached out with her other hand and clasped the other handle, then turned her hand back and forth, rubbing it in a circular motion. Frank could feel her other hand now gripping his, rubbing back and forth, a strangely pleasurable twisting.

With Sex Magic, Selina could have made him feel all this and more just by thinking it. But somehow, the fact that she was bothering to physically use her hands, even if through an enchanted proxy, made it much hotter. God, his wife never did kinky shit like this!

Frank's breathing was heavy now, and his cock flexed hard in his pants. "Well, Frank?" Selina said, huskily. "What do you say? You going to let me take this baby for a spin?"

"I... I, uh... I don't...I can't..."

"Come on, Frank," she said. Her rubbing became more insistent. "It's happening either way. The only difference is how much you suffer for it."

Frank knew the real trick here was how much his wife was going to punish him if she found out he'd just "let" Selina take his bike. While he didn't want to feel his cock get scoured by sandpaper for several days and didn't want to not be able to use his bike, he knew letting Selina go and, fuck, and actually enjoying the feel of her hands and body on him for a couple days was going to earn him a year without any sex at all.

But, fuck, his wife was so dull in the sack, and almost resentful about sex, even with her powers. Hell, probably because of her powers. If he was lucky, they'd have sex, missionary style, maybe twice a week. Maybe during holidays, if she was drunk, she might give him a quickie psychic blowjob that was over. She never used her magic to play around. Never dressed sexy. She let him jerk off whenever he wanted, but she always glared at him afterwards.

This hot young woman, this fucking girl, she was totally in control, using her powers to wind him up and make demands he couldn't refuse.