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Mick catches his tail... twice!

Yet I was not prepared for his wife.

She had a regal bearing and was awesome. Thick hair cascaded till her shoulders and her eyes were sparkling under bushy eyebrows. Even though she seemed a little overdressed nothing could hide her mammoth breasts which jutted out proudly. I was attracted to her and my cock was bursting. She was like an oasis in the dessert and the months of celibacy had taken its toll. I was suddenly thirsty and I quenched my thirst with a couple of stiff drinks hoping it will douse my stiff prick. I was enchanted by Shakira and every word she said I hung onto. I tried to flirt with her by complimenting her on her looks and Habib smiled indulgently.

I knew I was overdoing it but I was steadily drinking myself silly and Habib asked me to stay over as my hotel suite was an hour away and I immediately agreed saying that we could make a start on the work on hand early in the morning. After downing my eighth straight scotch I retired to a lovely room and I snuggled into bed. My throat was parched and I decided I would have another drink so I went down to the living room. It was dimly lit and as I went down the staircase I was startled to hear Habib and Shakira talking. "Darling I know you want Lawrence you also had this thing about white men" Habib was whispering softly. My name was being stated and my cock stood again. "I am sure he must be having a big cock" she replied (was she randy and I certainly have a huge prick at least 10 inches big) I peered down and saw them on the couch.

Habib and his wife were making out, and they snuggled into each other on the couch. She had Habib on the couch with her mouth wrapped around his cock. She then took it out of her mouth and stroked it a couple of times and then kissed the head before swallowing it again. It was much smaller than my prick and fully aroused, as it seemed it was barely 7 inches. Habib buried his fingers in his wife's hair as she slid his shaft in and out of her mouth. At first, she sucked slowly while taking an extra inch of cock until she was deep throating all 7 inches of his cock. She was naked and I saw her hirsute body. Her pussy mound was covered with thick black hair and I like a very bushy pubic mound. Shakira had a lot of hair on her pussy. Her legs too seemed hairy and all that I saw for the first time as she had taken off her elaborate dress.

She began to suck her husband faster and I took out my swollen prick and began stroking my cock. I saw that her underarms too were unshaven and she had thick jet-black excessive hair in her bushy armpits. I have a fetish for unshaven armpits and Shakira was an advertisement for hirsuteness. She had thick tufts of hair in her furry armpits and my cock was responding by growing to its full length by seeing her bushy underarms.

She stood up and faced the back of the couch with her firm ass raised and begging to be fucked doggie-style. I could see that she had a lot of anal hair too. Habib moved in behind her. He held on to his wife's massive tits for leverage then buried his cock into her hairy pussy with one quick thrust. Habib continued pumping and fucking his wife as she played with her own clit. Then they saw me at the top of the stairs. Habib was still intently fucking her but Shakira was staring at my huge erection sticking out of my slacks. Her eyes were open as she kept looking at my unwavering cock at full attention. I went down the stairs and made myself available.

Shakira was the first woman I had seen since my London days. Here she was this immensely hairy woman being fucked by her husband staring at my aching cock a few inches from her face. I reached out and put my hands into her hairy armpits. I was startled as my hands felt the coarse pelt of hair in her unshaven armpits. I had fucked many hairy women before but none had such coarse hair in their bushy armpits. It was soaked with sweat and a pungent aroma rose from her unshaven pits.

Shakira nodded at me and so I re