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"OH!" she cried as his tongue found her sensitive area. Knowing that she was enjoying herself, he slowed his licking. He wanted to make tonight last as long as possible, since he didn't know how or why this was happening to them or for how long she would be here. He wanted to keep her levels of arousal up as long as he could. "Mm, do you like that baby girl?" he asked.

"Oh, honey, that feels so good," Tonya moaned. She arched her back to give him more room between her legs. She gasped out loud as he slipped first one, then two, fingers into her waiting pussy. He continued to lick her clit, making it as hard as his cock was.

"Oh, you're making me so hot honey," she moaned. "I don't know how much more I can take. I'm gonna cum soon if you keep licking me like that. I love the way you're fingers feel deep in my pussy."

"Mm good, then I guess I'll have to keep licking you then, cuz I wanna make you cum with my lips and my fingers, then I want to fuck you like you've never been fucked before," he said while he rubbed his thumb over her clit. She moaned louder and started pinching her nipples, causing him to suck harder on her clit. Suddenly, her body stiffened, and she screamed, "I'm gonna cum. Fuck me harder with your fingers!" It took all his strength to keep his hand and mouth in place while she was bucking her hips, trying to get his fingers farther up inside her body. "Oooooooooooooo honey yesssssssssssssss," she said as she bucked a few more times before falling back onto the bed. She had never had an orgasm as intense as that one.

"Mm look at my fingers baby girl," he showed her before licking her juices off them. "You taste so good, my sweetheart."

He climbed back up the bed so his head was near hers and stroked her belly while she was calming down. She turned her head to his, and they kissed like there was no tomorrow. For them, there was no tomorrow together. She moved her hand, and it found his hard cock. She lightly stroked it as they kissed, then she broke off the kiss and moved down between his legs.

"I know what you want," Tonya purred as she licked her lips. "You want me to suck on your hard cock don't you, baby? Do you want me to make you as hot as you made me?"

"Oh baby, please," Troy pleaded. "Suck on my cock like you've never sucked before. Make me hard as a rock so I can impale you on it for a long time. I want to shove this hard cock into that wet pussy of yours, and make you cum more than ever and scream louder than before."

"Mm with pleasure," she moaned as she stuck her tongue out and licked the tip of his cock, tasting his pre-cum. He trembled as she used the tip of her tongue to lick down the front of his cock. "Oh, you like that? You want me to suck on it now?" she asked. "Oh baby please," he begged, "suck my cock down that lovely throat of yours as deep as it will go." With that said she opened her mouth and moved over the top of his waiting cock. In one movement, she had deep throated his entire cock.

"Oh shit baby, that feels so good," he moaned as she sucked with all her might. "Oh, yeah. Make me hard as a rock my love. I want to fuck you good tonight."

Too soon for Tonya's liking, Troy made her stop. "I want to make love to you tonight also, baby girl," he said to her. "I want you to feel all the pleasures I can give you." With that, he lifted her off his cock, and lay her down on the bed beside him. They kissed a little more; as his fingers worked their magic again, making sure that she was still hot for him.

He climbed over her, one knee on either side of her body.