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Surviving a hurricane.

"Turn over Mom," commanded Tommy.

She moaned and rolled, still trying to handle her sudden orgasm. He pulled her up from behind so her ass was high in the air, and parted her cheeks. His tongue dove into her puckered asshole, slurping obscenely.

"OOH GOD HELP ME, IT'S STARTING AGAIN," screamed Mary as wave after shock wave hit her.

Tommy's finger pushed into her asshole, digging deeper and deeper. Another finger followed then another. Mary pushed back him, rocking on his fingers as they rhythmically fucked her.

"Oh, YES Tommy darling, fuck Mommy's ass. I want it sweetheart. Please, I am begging darling. Pleeeeese fuck Mommy. I want my son's cock inside me. I want your sperm in my asshole. Fill me with your cum darling heart, Mommy's little darling."

Tommy rose up on his knees and grabbed his shaft firmly. He spat on the head of his cock, and then spat on his mothers puckered asshole, placed the engorged purple head against it and pushed hard.

"Hnnnmmmfff, unnn," groaned Mary unintelligibly.

Tommy's cock did not stop penetrating her. Onward and inward his shaft sank, his mother easing back onto him.

"Oh Tommy, you have no idea how good that feels darling. I have never been assfucked before. Your daddy is much too big. Oh darling son, you're the first. It's like my own son is taking his mother's cherry."

Tommy started to fuck his mother's ass. Gently and steadily at first while his mother picked up the rhythm of his thrusts. Her mouth was open and drool dribbling onto the carpet. She felt utterly full. Her stomach cramped in protest at being invaded from her bowels. Her clit was swollen and her nipples tingled.

"OH GOD YES! Fuck Mommy, darling son. Fuck Mommy. Oh I love's too good!"

Gradually Tommy picked up speed and got rougher. He grabbed hold of her hair and rode her like a horseman. Fucking her insistently, hard and deep, his face was streaming with sweat, veins popping out on his forehead.

They were both concentrating on their impending orgasms and did not see the shadow pass along Tommy's bedroom door....

"I thought so. But I just wouldn't have believed it," said Jenny.


Amazingly, Tommy did not stop fucking his mother's ass, just slowed down to a gently rocking motion.

"Don't stop on my account," said Jenny.

Jenny walked over to her mother, still on all fours, and knelt beside her. Her face was expressionless.

"I knew I could smell sex when we returned from the pizza place last night," she said, "And I put two-and-two together. Or at least one-and-one. Mother and son. What was a daughter to think? I crept back after I said I was going to Aunty Diane's. And here you are. God, mother, you scream loudly. I hope the neighbors don't hear you. My son this, my son that, you really get off on the incest thing don't you?"

Tommy had stopped his rocking motion, but his cock was still half-buried in his mother's ass. Even if he could have willed his cock to soften, the tightness kept him rock hard in her. There was a look of terror on his face. Mary's face was still red from her exertions but tears of shame were welling in her eyes.

"Jenny, I...."

" 'Jenny I...' what, mother? 'Jenny, I don't really have my teenage son's huge cock buried in my ass? I really haven't had several orgasms knowing I was committing incest with my baby boy? I really didn't beg him to fuck me? I didn't want to play the school-girl whore for my son?' Is that what you were trying to say? My god, what a family!"

She shuffled around on her knees to where Tommy was kneeling behind his mother. His cock in mid-piston. He had not blinked, his mouth was opening and shutting, every now and then he swallowed noisily, almost gagging.

Jenny slid her hand between Tommy's sweaty stomach and her mother's buttocks and wrapped her fingers around her brother's greasy shaft.

"My god he really is buried in your ass, mother dearest, and you've kept his cock iron hard too.