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Mom smells and tastes panties with her son.

I can just barely flick the tip of my tongue at the rim of your little knot, both of us straining for more contact. Abruptly I pull away, leaving both of us panting. "Are you ready for more, baby?" I ask as I look up at you with lust-filled eyes.

You become more aware of your surroundings, noticing the lit candles, the cold cocktail waiting for you on the coffee table beside the bottle of lube. "Why don't you enjoy your drink, sweetie, I'm going to go get ready," I say as I stand up and walk into the bedroom, flicking my hair and a sexy look over my shoulder. I have left our new toy waiting for me on the bed and step into the harness, even more turned on now as I know I will be sliding into you in just minutes. I slide my fingers into my pussy briefly, am so wet for you, walk back into the living room slowly sucking on my fingers, my strap-on bobbing with each step. Your eyes lock onto our new toy, look up at me, widen as you see me sucking my fingers, knowing what I have been up to, then return to the phallus that will soon be violating you. I know you are taking in the size, wondering if it is bigger than the vibrator that we have played with before.

I walk over to the couch, stand directly in front of you, taking the drink out of your hand and take a sip, allowing a small ice cube to slip into my mouth. I lean over and kiss you, letting the coolness of my mouth contrast with the heat of your mouth as our tongues entwine. I lean down and bite your nipples playfully, can see your cock lurch in response, knowing how much you like this. I stand back up, move closer, and whisper huskily, "I want you to suck on my cock tonight, get me nice and wet for you."

You obligingly lean in and lick at the head of the dong, tentatively at first, still taking this all in. Your hands are instantly around me, running up and down my legs, my thighs, cupping my ass cheeks as you become more comfortable with your task. You begin to take more of my dick into your mouth, pulling my ass cheeks apart and slipping a finger into my sopping pussy from behind, slowly finger fucking me in rythym with your oral action. I can feel an orgasm building as the base of the dong pushes against my clit with every movement of your blowjob, your finger stroking my pussy, and in moments, I am grabbing your head, holding you as I fuck your face, only this time I have my cock thrust down your throat as I cry out, "Oh, God, I'm cumming, Baby!"

After a few moments, I realize what has just happened, how I lost control, shoved my cock down your throat with no regard to anything but how good I felt. Now I know how you have felt when you have made me cum over and over, then pulled out of my ass just in time to shoot your hot wad down my eagerly waiting gullet, grabbing my hair and holding me tight to you. I look down at you, and you grin at me, knowing that I am amazed at the rush of sensations coming over me: pleasure, power, awe of something so new and different, and the pure pleasure of experiencing this with you.

I pull you up by your hand, kiss you deeply, my arms wrapped tightly around you. It feels odd to feel your hardness pressed against mine, but it's so sexy. I grind my hips a little, run my hands across your muscular shoulders, feeling your beautiful body as my hands slide down to your hips. I pull you closer, kissing you deeply for a moment, probing your mouth with my tongue. I pull away and whisper, "that's what I'm going to do to your ass now, get you ready for your fantasy to come true."

I have you kneel on the couch away from me and I kneel on the floor behind you, your sexy butt right in front of me.

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