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School in Jeopardy, Darin - Bryan connect -last week for 2.

She was still reading my mind. "Fucked the hot neighbor mom; nice. You thought she was me? Ha!" She was riding me faster felt so good, despite having cum inside Erica just a few minutes ago.

Suddenly she grabbed me and quickly flipped us both over into the missionary position, my cock still embedded in her infernal vagina. After I caught my breath her hooves pulled on my butt cheeks, urging me to continue fucking her.

She looked up at me, her mouth twisting into the mischievous grin that belonged to my ex-girlfriend Laura. "You think you put a bun in her oven, dummy?"

My cock twitched. I didn't want to be a dad, but the thought that I could have impregnated Erica was so fucking hot. I continued to fuck the lustful demon, thrusting harder.

I felt a very light tickling sensation on one of my buttcheeks. Demie kept my attention by continuing to talk, her eyes starting to glow red: "And you thought you were teaching me a lesson? Me?!" She licked her sharp teeth.

Suddenly something pushed hard at the entrance to my anal sphincter. I yelped at the sudden intrusion and looked back. Demie's barbed tail had morphed into a red cock and was pushing into my ass! I didn't want this!

Demie grabbed my face and pulled it close to hers. I was going to die! I closed my eyes.

"Relax, Tom," she said softly.

I opened my eyes. Her face was still inches from mine. She wasn't going to kill me? She wasn't going to rape my ass?

She continued: "No, really, relax, or this is going to hurt like Hell."

Resigned, I did my best to relax. Once I did I felt the tail/cock pushing into my ass again, inch by inch. I don't know how, but my erection didn't flag at all.

She pushed my hips back with her hands so my cock pulled out of her almost all the way, then her tail thrusting into my ass pushed me back in. Pleasure and pain, pleasure and pain...

I wasn't even doing anything anymore. I was a meat dildo as she pushed and pulled me inside herself again and again. Her eyes continued to glow and she smiled at me as I let myself be used.

I could feel her pussy starting to grip my cock. At the same time I felt her tail shift a little, and then I could feel a manipulation of my prostate. As she started to shake in orgasm beneath me, my prostate gave up its contents and then I started to cum. Each wave of semen being urged from my prostate was sucked out of my cock by her strong vaginal muscles.

We cried out in orgasm together, and then I collapsed on top of her. Within seconds her tail shrank and fell out of my butthole. It felt empty; I was almost disappointed.

We stayed like that for a few minutes. This was odd, as Demie is a "love 'em and leave 'em" kind of woman. My head was still lying on her ample bosom.

She spoke, "You know, dummy, in Hell your ass would probably have been fucked almost continuously, and by larger cocks. Some of the incubus really like to rip open new meat." To punctuate her point her tail poked at my butthole again, though it didn't penetrate this time.

To say I was scared was an understatement. I waited, unmoving.

"Ha! I guess you could say that your ganja literally saved your ass! Ha ha haa!" My cock could feel her laughter through her stomach muscles, and it started to stir again.

"Mmm..." Demie moaned, feeling it. Her pussy undulated around my cock. I looked up...

...into Erica's green eyes! I looked down at Erica's hot, toned body beneath me.

Erica/Demie spoke, "Oh no, Tom! I think you might have gotten me pregnant!"

As I watched, her breasts slowly got bigger. I looked further down as her trim belly slowly filled out, getting rounder.

I was as hard as I'd ever been before. I started to move my cock in and out as I watched Erica's body slowly became more pregnant.

She continued, "I get sooo horny when I'm pregnant, Tom. Fuck me!"

I did, moving faster, pumping harder. Not too hard, as I didn't want to hurt the baby.

Wait, what? There wasn't actually a baby in Demie's belly. I threw caution to the wind, thrusting hard and fast as I fastened my mouth to one of her larger mammaries and sucked.