Funny Todd and Jen continue their forbidden ways. Porn Pics

Catgirl has Batgirl all tied up.

If you sense anything related to her, do what you can to keep them from finding it, but if they do, let me know as soon as you can."

Joel excused the men to get packed for tomorrow, then I talked to the women. "I'm going to set up a rotation, we will need to make sure our new wolf is monitored and tended to until she is recovered. Don't talk to her, but if she looks like she is starting to wake up get Doc and he will either sedate her again or be there when she awakes. And remember, she isn't Pack until after the introduction. She knows nothing of us or her wolf, so she gets a pass until then. Any bitch that tries to dominate or discipline her until then will answer to me. Got it?" They all nodded. I took the first shift, sitting in the room watching her breathe. She would twitch occasionally. I took the time to clean the rest of the blood out of her fur and brush her hair where she wasn't wounded. Wolves naturally care for and groom each other, and our Pack really is one big family. I made out the schedule and had Linda, my second, post it and let everyone know who was on the first night.

The next few days were touch and go, she developed a high fever and had vivid nightmares. After the second day she went back to human form but still didn't wake up. We had to tie her hands down to the side of the bed as she would swing them around during her nightmares. She would try to lash out as if she was hitting someone above her. The girls and I started to sit up pn the bed with her and hold her as the dreams came and went. Eventually she woke up; as directed, Jean had left and told Doc when she saw the signs of waking. He had eased her off the sedatives and expected it.

I didn't do much more than say hi and deliver food the first time I saw her awake. Joel didn't want many people in there because it might scare her, and newly turned werewolves can be unstable and dangerous. I waited for him to come out, using my hearing to follow what was going on. It seemed to be going well, right until it wasn't. Men.

"I'm sorry. Pregnancies do not survive a shift, that is why in human form we avoid pregnancy, and after our wolves mate they remain in that form until the pups are born. You miscarried while you were unconscious." When he closed the door I smacked his arm.

"You can't tell her like that and leave! That was her child she just lost!" I went to enter the room and he moved to stop me.

"I don't want you in there."

"Too bad. Not only am I going in, but I'm taking off her restraints. Lock us in there together."

"It's too dangerous!"

"Get this straight, Joel, the bitches are MINE. She's MY responsibility, and I'll take care of her. Now move aside and lock the door behind me." I glared at him until he relented. "Keep someone outside the room in case I call for help."

I opened the door, she had stopped screaming but was sobbing uncontrollably. I went over to the bed and removed the bindings from her wrists before lying next to her and pulling her into my arms. "It's going to be ok, let it out..." I gently rocked her until she fell asleep in my arms. We slept until the next morning.

She woke up and I helped her to the bathroom and to take a shower. Her wounds were closed but were still an angry red, As I helped her with her legs and back I couldn't help noticing what a great body she has. She would be a fine addition to our little women's club, and the men would be fighting to get her attention.

Right now, sex wasn't the problem. She could barely do anything herself as her arms were stiff and she had trouble bending over or twisting due to the wounds on her back and chest. I dried her off, put her in a thick robe and we slowly walked out to the kitchen for breakfast. Everyone stood clear as I set her gently in a chair and the Omegas brought her some food. One look from me was enough to keep both men and women away while she settled down and started to eat.

She had more questions, and wanted to learn the names of the people so one at a time I had them co