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"It was a one way route." I replied.

She turned away her eyes from me, grabbed the glass and sipped all it's remaining contents in a gulp.

She then turned to me and said:

"I think I'm going to abuse and ask you for another one - but only vodka, please".

I looked at her, felt pity, and said:

"You can have all the bottle if you please - I'll even go out and bring you another one, if you need - but this is not going to help you"...

She burst in tears and said softly:

"Just pour me another drink - but see to fill it up properly" (I've forgotten to mention that we drank our drinks from glasses of 200 milliliters...).

I then just did as I was told, and took advantage of my time to prepare another tape of music.

I've also prepared the cassette deck, with additional music, as not to waste too much time if, during our love making I was expecting to come, the tape would have come to it's end...

She grabbed the glass directly from my hand, and took a large sip - as large as half the quantity of the drink in the glass...

By now, I started to worry a little, since I really don't feel too much pleasure fucking drunk bitches.

She, I don't know how, kind of guessed what I was thinking about, since she's told me:

"Don't worry, I won't get drunk - it takes more than a bottle to make me feel a little dizzy"...

"Are you coming from Russia?" I've asked, kind of joking.

"No, but my ex, while keeping me on the chair, used to have fun pouring the contents of the bottle of vodka directly into my throat, forcing me to swallow it all... I believe he enjoyed seeing me peeing with no control on the chair, leaving me then to swim in my own pee"...

"Well, but what about the floor? If you don't mind me asking you"

"Shit! He was quite good and skillful - he had a very large bowl, and was putting the chair into it - additionally, he used a very large sheet of plastic, so no matter what I would have been trying, I couldn't ruin his carpet..."
"In this case, my dear, I believe your ex was not only gealous, but he probably enjoyed what he did to you - the so called revenge, or punishment, was, I believe, the materialization of his sick sexual fantasies..."

"You should have seen me after two or three days of such an uninterrupted ordeal"... She said, in a very low voice. She continued.

"He then took me, holding me and the bloody cursed metallic chair, and put me directly under the shower, giving me another of his favorite treatments, alternating hot and cold water - at the beginning, I tried to protest, but he had banged my head so strongly with his fist, that I have almost lost my consciousness - what could I do? Tied up to the chair, with no defense?..."

I was bewildered, mesmerized, overwhelmed by what she was telling me, not knowing, until today, if to believe her or not...

"He was then bringing a very large and sharp knife, with which, after caressing my ears, nose, tits, belly and even my pubic hair, was cutting off the strings or the tape, whatever he'd been using to tie me up.

And then, while cutting off, he was telling me, in a deep, threatening but whispered voice, that he'd rather go to jail than see me flirt with another man..."

At that moment, it was my turn to take a large gulp of my booze:

"Look! Either everything you told me is bullshit, either you are crazier than him! How could you, after such a treatment, continue to see this bloody bastard? Wasn't it enough an one and only experience?!?"

She'd jumped off her armchair, came to me in a second, grabbed me by my hair (I used, those times, to let my hair a bit longer) and said, with tears in her eyes:

"Don't you see, stupid, that I loved this man?!?"

Honestly, I am completely against violence in general, not to mention the women. Meanwhile, I've never been the type to endure. Her grabbing my hair in such a style didn't provoke to me any pleasure, or arousal.

I stood up, looking down at her from my one meter and ninety centimeters height, with quite an angry look and voice:

"Honey, I do not think I can agree with your style of