Funny Cheating wife story with alternate ending. Porn Pics

Who cares what she's working with - bring it on!

"Yep, see you then?" she said.

If I worked hard I could get my part of the project handed off and have at least thirty minutes to relax and blow off some stress. I went to work, focusing on the project and didn't let my mind wander to anything else. I handed it off ten minutes to three and headed to the massage floor. Walking in, Jessica smiled and I was again taken aback by how gorgeous she was. She handed me the iPad and I sat down and began to pick my options.

I had time and was planning on fucking one of them this time for sure. I wanted to see how many options I could pick so I started with hand job, blowjob, tit fuck and on and on. Everything stayed clicked even vaginal and anal sex. I could run the gambit in one session apparently but I decided that would take longer than I had, so I unclicked anal, tit fuck, hand job and left blowjob and vaginal sex highlighted with a completely naked masseuse and saved my options and handed the iPad back to Jessica.

She took me to suite 3 this time and I waited with eager anticipation to see which girl I was going to get to fuck. Today it ended up being Stephanie, the blonde bombshell. Perfect!

"Good to see you again, Daniel," she said, walking in. "You followed my recommendation and have returned within four days of your last release. Veronica left all her notes for me... she says your color was good and so was your volume. Excellent," she said reading the iPad.

She set it down and began to undress as she continued to talk. "You should undress as well and we will proceed with your options today."

I stood there, hesitating as I watched her remove her clothing... all of it. Holy fucking shit! She was unbelievably hot. Toned perfection, long legs, shaved sex and incredible breasts that matched the size of her hips to hourglass perfection. I didn't even have my pants off by the time she was completely naked and waiting for me. By the time I was naked, my cock was already fully hard and she had me lay on the massage table. She immediately grabbed my cock, pulled it vertical and sucked it into her mouth... going inch by inch until my entire penis was deep in her mouth. I moaned in ecstasy as she held her mouth down onto me. I could feel her tongue working my shaft as she deep throated my entire rod before coming off it rapidly. She then began licking my shaft, head and balls as she stroked gently, treating me to a messy and satisfying blowjob.

Damn it was incredible, I watched every second, viewing her head bobbing and licking and admiring her incredible body as she blew me until my balls had sucked up tight against my shaft. She slowed down, keeping virtually on the edge of going too far. My cock was just humming with so much pleasure I felt my load boiling and increasing inside my body, begging to come out. When she knew I couldn't take much more, she stopped.

"Do you want to move on?" she asked.

"Yes, please," I said.

"Very well... you're free to touch me anyway you would like and tell me positions and styles you wish to employ to facilitate your seminal release," she said.

"Okay, then I want to trade places with you," I said.

"Very well," Stephanie said.

I got off the table and she climbed up on it, laying on her back. I grabbed some oil near the table and uncapped the bottle. In my excitement I poured way too much on my hands and her chest and stomach. We both laughed as oil went everywhere. I started spreading it around, rubbing it into her breasts, chest, stomach, and legs. By the time I was done her entire body was shinny wet from the oil and my cock was throbbing and oozing big time. I went back to her breasts, fondling the round flesh and squeezing her hard nipples with the slippery oil. She cooed at my touch and seemed to like what I was doing to her. With one hand on her breasts I slid my other down to her shaved sex, gently massaging her mons and labia before spreading her open and adding a finger then two. She grinded on my hand as I fingered her for several minutes and played with her breasts.

My time was running out and I