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Funny Steve returns and learns to suck his own cock. Sex Video

Sally and I have trouble conceiving and seek help.

I found my clitoris under the shorts and I twitched my finger in up and down strokes, pushing a little deeper into the incredibly sensual sensations pulsating from it with each stroke. It felt enlarged and was swollen, obviously from excitement-something like a concentrated nerve ending. I rubbed more and more. My legs were as wide as I could open them while driving to take in my fingers. My pussy was damp and a clear wet spot appeared in my shorts. The spandex was restricting. They were too tight to create an opening on the side. I went for second best and I pushed my finger into the spandex covering the entrance to my pussy. The spandex gave but I could not get deep enough. I was excited to a point that I nearly pulled the car to the side to stop and masturbate myself to climax without interruption. I was nearly at home, so I instead went for the last leg. I pushed my finger against the spandex. I was now soaked and I felt the wetness penetrate the stretchy material. I had reached home.

I got out the car, and pulled at my shorts as I stood up. The material had formed a second skin against my torso outlining the shape of my pussy lips. I pulled at the spandex in an attempt to hide it, and I quickly ran to my front door. I was still at a peak of sexual excitement and my focus was to get somewhere private and finish off the job.

I ran up to my house charged with adrenalin and a full tank of exploding hormones. I opened the door and was about to run to my room when. Bang! I crashed right into Jeremy. I knocked him so hard that he went flying down the stairs. Shit, I though to myself.

"Are you ok Jeremy?" I asked him.

"Not sure, I think I've hurt my foot." He said as he lay at the bottom of the stairs.

I had knocked him off balance and he fell down the stairs. His jeans were torn around the knee and his knee was badly grazed and bleeding.

I forgot about my sexual escapade and had to attend to the injury I had just caused.

"I'm so sorry. Can you get up?" I asked Jeremy.

Jeremy just lay there and asked if I can find a bandage.

I ran to the first aid box and called for my brother.

"He has gone out. Only I am here", I heard Jeremy call out in the background.

I fetched the box and went to Jeremy's side.

"My knee is bleeding" Jeremy pointed to the torn jeans and the blood coming out.

I realised that I would have to do the bandaging and his jeans would need to come off.

Jeremy opened the buttons on his waist and I helped him pull it off when I saw him struggling to move his foot.

I suddenly realised that I was still wearing the shorts. I pulled the spandex out again to make it less revealing. It was pulling right into my pussy forming an outline of my pussy lips. I had nothing to cover it so I just hoped he would not notice.

I had to undo his shoes and pull the jeans off his foot. He was in his undies. They were Calvin Kelvin white boxers. I took the bandage and cut a piece off and pulled it around his knee cap and then tied it down with tape. I saw him staring at my shorts. He had noticed. Shit. He must know that I am wet and horny.

I stood up to go and he lifted his hand up and asked me to help him up.

I took his one hand and as he got up he put his other hands on my hips to hold on. I felt his hand reach around and hold my butt. He acted like he never knew what he was doing. I didn't pull away and I let him hold onto it. As he stood up his grip went.

"Can you get me a pair of shorts from your brother's room as I don't think I can get these jeans on again?" he asked.

I left him limping behind me and I went to my brother's cupboard. There lying on his clothes was the penthouse I saw Jeremy looking at earlier. I was naughty so I took it under my arm and carried it to Jeremy with a pair of running shorts.

"Here are some shorts and some easy reading while you recover", I handed him the magazine and shorts.

"I need to have a shower. I have just been at gym", I said to him and started to leave my brothers room.

I was longing to take a shower and point the

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