Funny An illicit office romance. Porn Pics

Wife brings out husband's secret fetish.

"You're telling me girl! My goodness you have a nice tight pussy Barbie! You really are an amazing young lady!"

She was torn between the urge to thank him for the compliment, and the desire to protest his bold sexual advance.

"Th-th-thhannnggggghhh... Ohhh fuckkkk! You're sssssooooo hard sir!"

He nodded and got even faster and she jumped and moaned.

"Yeah, it works better that way girl!"

He reached down to the space between the seat cushion and backrest and pulled a small seat belt strap out from the space and over her right elbow. Then pressing the side latch button a spring wound the belt down and as it pulled and trapped her right arm Wilson did the same over her left elbow. Her arms were locked down in position and he nodded to himself.

"Mr. Smith! Y-y-you'vvvvve t-t-tied d-down my arms!"

"Of course Barbie darling! I'm all about safety and respect girl. This is a courtesy just for you because you are so beautiful and shapely and sexy dear."

"Wh-what? Huh?" She gasped in confusion.

He reached up to the back of the backrest and pushed a small button. Several small panels opened and with these doors retracted into the sofa, he was able to reach inside of one of the compartments on the left of where her body rested. He grabbed and pulled out a small padded leather shackle that was attached to a seat belt like canvas strap.

He pulled it forward over the seat back and strapped the leather manacle over Barbie's right knee. Once he'd secured it in place he pressed a button inside the small compartment where the belt was wound. A spring action suddenly retracted the belt and Barbie's right knee was pulled back and then locked into position.

Wilson repeated this with her left knee and she gasped as he looked over his handiwork and smiled with a thumbs up to her.

"You are in such fabulous shape Barbie and I don't want you to have to make your muscles sore or strained by either of us having to keep your legs in a pushed back position. But now that the safety restraints have you locked in place you won't have to be straining or hurting your muscles. I think it's very important that a man treat a woman and guest in his place with courtesy and respect. Oh and don't think I forgot about your arched lower back either. Check this out!"

He reached up and over the backrest and found three buttons side by side. He pressed the middle one and Barbie felt a small air bag inflate behind her back. The mechanical inventions were small and relatively simple. But they worked well and Barbie was awe struck by the fact that he'd gone to the trouble of making his strange sofa, which doubled as a bondage aid.

With his hands free he fucked her harder and faster and reached down to play with her clit while he did this.

Now Barbie cried out and thrashed wildly as his hard dick made her pussy hot and wet. He had full control of her. Her racing heart and heavy breathing added to the shaking and trembling of her insides and her thighs as he fucked her with powerful strokes!

"Ohhh Fuck Meee! I'M CUMMINNNGGG!"

She bucked and torqued but his restraint's held her firmly. There was no getting out of this or moving far. He had her trapped and strapped down. He smiled and nodded.

"You like cuming like this don't you girl?"

Her vagina contracted and tightened on the invasive and powerful male cock that drove her nerves wild with pleasure. She orgasmed hard and Wilson chuckled as he fucked her without any signs of slowing down.

He reached up and untied her dress's neck strap from behind her head. Then he pulled down her top and she gasped and panted as his hands cupped her boobs and he smiled and leaned forward to begin sucking her sensitive but firm and pert nipples.

It felt amazing. His dick felt amazing. His lips, teeth, and fingers all stimulating her all over her body as she convulsed and moved into another orgasm. Wilson was old, but he knew a thing or two about fucking Barbie noted as she cried and thrashed helplessly beneath him.

He smiled.

"I asked you a question Barbie!" He said fir