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It was a very hot scene and Sue moved her hand over to my dick to rub it through my pants. My cock was already hard from watching the action on the screen. I reached my hand over to her crotch and her skirt was up and her pussy was shining in the light from the screen. Her pussy was literally dripping with her juices. I inserted a finger into her and spread her juices to her hard little clit and again massaged it. She unzipped my pants to pull my dick out and started stroking it. We were masturbating each other in a public place. I heard a noise behind us and the guy had moved to the row directly behind us but a few seats down.

The girl on the screen started sucking the guy's cock. She was stroking and pulling on it and then would put it's full length down her throat.

She leaned over to me and whispered, "I'm not sure how they put all of that down their throat without gagging."

I started drawing little circles around her hard and now very slick clit. She was pumping my cock faster and harder now.

She was biting her lip and moaned under her breath as she jerked into an orgasm. Her big tits were bouncing up and down with each convulsion. It had to be obvious to the guy behind us that she was cumming.

She slid out of her seat and climbed between my legs. She got on her knees in front of me and sucked my cock into her mouth. I heard her unzip her skirt. She stood up and our friend had moved to the seat directly behind us. She stood there naked as her skirt was around her ankles. She only had on the tube top that had been pulled down around her stomach. She turned around to sit on my cock and watch the action on the screen as she fucked me. I reached around her to grab her tits and pinch her nipples.

On the screen a couple was fucking and the girl was screaming with an orgasm. I heard the guy behind us stroking his cock slapping it good and hard. Sue continued to ride my cock as she watched the action on the screen.

I turned her around and she climbed onto my cock and put her legs up on the backs of the seats on either side of us. She wrapped her arms around my neck to stay in place. She was precariously balanced on my lap and dick. I looked at her face as she realized the guy behind us was masturbating to the action much closer to him than the screen.

Sue was grinding and moving around on my lap with my dick buried in her pussy.

The guy behind us moved to the same row and only two seats away. He had his hand wrapped around his cock and was stroking it. Sue was watching him and got even more excited. I leaned forward and sucked one of her nipples into my mouth. As the girl in the movie started her orgasm Sue started her's.

She bucked up and down on my cock and screamed, "OHHHH FUCK I'MMMMM CUMMMMING!" The girl screaming on the screen masked her scream. The guy sitting next to us shot his load into his drink cup.

Sue climbed off of me and sucked my cock back into her mouth. She was stroking me like a mad woman. I quickly shot my load into her mouth and she sucked until I was dry.

She grabbed her skirt and pulled it on then pulled her top back up to cover her tits. I zipped up my pants and she said, "Let's go."

We got up and she headed down the row toward our friend. When she got to him she leaned over and said, "I hope you enjoyed the show." He just nodded his head and we went on past him.

When we got to the aisle she grabbed for my hand and we walked out of the theatre and to the car.

When we sat down in the car she said, "Damn that was exciting. Did you see that poor guy cum all over himself?"

I laughed and said, "I'm sure he was hoping he was g