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They became the best of friends.

He looked directly at the mirror, catching me watching him. I wanted more than anything to bury my face into the covers, but he took my curiosity in stride, kissing the soles of my feet before blowing me a kiss through his reflection. I swear this kid could charm the pants off any straight man.

I held my breath as Max dragged his deliciously wet tongue along my crack, starting from the tip of my swollen cock and working his way up into the small dimple just above my ass. It wasn't until he pulled off that I finally exhaled, releasing all the pent up sexual energy I'd stored the past few months. Out of the corner of my eye, I watched as he licked his lips, spreading the entire essence of me all through his taste buds. He attacked my hole next, enjoying the taste as he lapped up my inner walls and spread my cheeks until only a tight and blushing pink hole was left for the world to see. I buried my face so deep into the mattress that I could practically feel the box spring beneath us. He was that good- and I know it wasn't my celibacy exaggerating. He wasn't just prepping my hole, the boy was indulging.

Max pulled himself off, knowing that the night wouldn't end with a simple rim job. He gave my ass a light smack before getting off his knees. I could feel his shadow cast over me, providing the only hiding place among the overhead and bedside lights that brightened the entire room. This position took me back to the time I lost my virginity to a boy I cared too much about back in high school- a boy who only left me longing for more even after he'd slipped out of my bed and back into the straight world he resided in. Since then, it's been a steady stream of "close but not quites".Yet somehow this was different. This time, I was about to surrender myself to a boy who never even told me his last name. And yet, it was already better than any other time before.

"I'm gonna fuck you now, Robbie. Your hole is nice and ready for me" Max said, with a soft kiss against my lower back.

"Max-" I called out, turning my head towards him. He nodded as I finished, "Don't stop until you cum", arguably the boldest words to escape my mouth all night.

Once I turned my head back, I felt the tip of his cock lined up with my wet hole. I bundled the loose sheets into my fists, getting ready to use the slack as leverage. Max inserted himself into me slowly so that my hole could get used to every inch he was giving. Prepared or not, I hadn't so much as fingered myself in a couple months, proven by the faint sting of pain that surged through my spine. I breathed out as best I could, relaxing myself as he continued to push in. I might as well have been a virgin because my hole was taking Max's thick cock like it had never been touched before. After a few agonizing minutes of this, I felt his pubes brush against my ass cheeks, telling me he was fully inside me.

"Goddamn this ass is so tight" Max growled as he started to fuck me. I winced at the first few strokes, biting down on my lip, nearly piercing the skin like the intense pain that fell over me. It was temporary, I silently reminded myself as my mouth parted only to let my moans escape. Darren was only six and a half to Max's eight, and even then, we spent the better part of the last few months of our relationship finding any excuse to not have sex. I pushed those thoughts aside and exhaled, giving way for more of Max's cock to penetrate me. And slowly, as the lube worked it's magic- granting a satisfying amount of friction between our bare skin, the pain that overcame my body was replaced with pure ecstasy.

My toes instinctively curled and my back arched towards Max, granting him full and uninhibited access to my hole. I rocked back and forth on his cock, feeling the bed shake and his low hanging balls slap against mine. My own dick hadn't been touched in the entire time I was on all fours, dripping precum that seeped into Max's sheets.

"Fuck me", I begged as his shaft slipped in and out of my hole, giving only brief seconds of emptiness.

Max must have liked this because he