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Sociopaths are the leaders of corporations. They are the leaders of conglomerates. The chiefs of police. The leaders of fire departments, businesses and schools. They are the men and women who lead the world's mightiest nations. Presidents, prime ministers, chancellors, kings, queens, princes, princesses, dukes and duchesses, empresses and emperors, those are the titles they hold. And most people never see them for what they are.

And the sociopaths don't work alone, folks. Every sociopath with half a brain has a lackey or lackeys working for him or her. The lackey isn't a random individual. He or she is what I call a Familiar. As long as modern humans have been around, sociopaths have been around. The way I see it, ninety five percent of the world's human population is made up of regular folks, what I call Mundane Folks. The Mundane Folks are the ordinary people. Those with a little bit of good and bad in them. They have average intelligence, average aspirations and average capabilities for good and evil. Four percent of the world's human population is made up of what I call the sociopaths. Ancient cultures called them Abominations. A type of man or woman who destroys their fellow human beings without reason. And they never feel remorse for anything they do. They always think everything they do is right. And they don't give a damn about the consequences. They are the truest monsters any human being has ever encountered. Worse than anything a science fiction writer might think up in a sordid thriller of a novel. And they're among us today.

I really wish more people were aware of the existence of the sociopath. I wish men and women were actively purging the world of this menace. Seriously. When I think of the evil that men and women with zero conscience are capable of, I almost weep for the world. Because these things that masquerade as human beings are worse than any monster or nightmarish creature that haunts our dreams. They're scarier because they are one hundred percent real. I wish people were tossing these monsters out of their businesses, their families, their homes, their schools and their workplaces. Unfortunately, the sociopath seems to be here to stay. They've infiltrated all aspects of human life. Cops. Criminals. Firefighters. Doctors. Lawyers. Judges. Corrections officers. Truck drivers. Politicians. Librarians. Entertainers. Actors. Athletes. College students. Professors. Scientists. Craftsmen. Artists. Soldiers. Reporters. You name it, they are it. The monsters who prey upon everyday humanity yet seldom pay for it because ordinary human beings simply do not know they exist.

What would people do if they knew of the existence of the sociopath? Would the husband of a sociopathic woman throw her out and warn his friends and family that she's a monster? With her talent for manipulation and deception, the female sociopath can be a formidable enemy. Most men aren't mentally equipped to battle the likes of her, even when they know what she is and what she does. And most women are easily swayed by the female sociopath because she appeals to their sense of female solidarity, playing them until she no longer needs them. Then, she will ditch the women or eliminate them just like she does the men. The female sociopath is best avoided, folks. Once you know what she is, stay the hell out of her way. Unless you're one hundred percent sure you've got the allies, the knowledge and the means to stop her.

I wonder what the mother of a sociopath would do if she knew what monster she gave birth to.

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