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The girls work on raising their grades.

30 pm and it was just after 11 pm now and after allowing for the 10 minute walk I still had nearly a quarter of an hour to kill. I had to change as I wasn't dressed for walking around the streets but that wouldn't take up that much time.

After climbing the walls, not able to wait on one hand but still half thinking that I really shouldn't be doing this sort of thing I was out the front door.

I had put on jeans, a hooded jumper and a jacket as it was quite cool out but for some reason I had neglected underwear! Wonder why?

I walked briskly, not wanting to linger and each step took me closer to my rendezvous. My cock was no longer fully hard under my jeans, maybe it was the cold or the nerves or a combination of both, but still at a very respectable half lob, the kind of semi hardness that I always think looks pretty sexy in photos.

It seemed to take forever to reach the park but I'm sure it was not more than seven or eight minutes since I had left home. Now that I was there my cock sprung fully to life and I had to adjust it to the side as the angle of my erection inside my jeans was almost painful.

As I walked up to the toilets I could see Barry coming through the park from the other direction. Good timing I thought.

We wasted no time in going in and shutting ourselves in stall. There was no-one else around, not surprising considering the time but I was that horny I don't think I would have cared.

Barry stands about 5'8" and is slight of build and clean-shaven with the kind of face that reminds me of an accountant or some other white color profession.

I told him how horny I was and when I unzipped my jeans and pushed them down and sat on the toilet he said he could see that.

My cock was as hard as rock and the head was all swollen and red and there was a big blob of precum welling in the eye.

I told him how full my balls were and that I hoped he was ready for a big load.

He knelt down and stroked my balls and said he could tell there was going to be heaps.

He wasted no time in ducking his head and sliding my cock into his mouth.

He sucked me slowly for a start, just warming up. After a bit he paused and said 'You don't know how much I've missed doing this to you.'

I smiled and said 'That's why you get two loads tonight.' My cock isn't porn star massive by any means but I'm pretty happy with it. It's right on seven inches long, nicely curved and cut so the fat helmet head is always fully exposed. It is a nice thickness without being so fat you can't use it. I think it's the kind of size a lot of people find attractive as it looks nice, is quite large but without being too big that it's gonna scare someone. On the other hand, my balls are big, I guess shaving them only exaggerates their size but they look so much better shaved bare. Plump and pink and juicy, I haven't met too many people, guys or girls who don't like a big load at the end of things.

He grinned and ran his tongue down my shaft to my balls.

'I think you have gotten bigger Luke' he said, gently pumping my shaft. 'You were always nice and thick with that wonderful big cock head but I honestly think you have lengthened a bit'.

'Maybe I have" I said, 'Do you think you can fit it all in?'

'I don't know, but I can certainly try,' he answered. 'Mmm, such a gorgeous head, it is a real plum!'

He then proceeded to try and fit as much of my cock in as he could. He couldn't get it all in but he tried hard. He did all the fun things, sucking on the head, pumping the shaft with his hand, licking and playing with my balls and talking dirty to me as he went. He knew the dirty talk really did it for me.

Things like. 'Come on, fill my mouth you gorgeous boy,' and "I love your fat cock, when are you going to empty your balls down my throat'.

I told me that I expected him to get it all and not spill a drop so when he felt my cock begin to spasm he made a tight seal around my cock with his mouth and used both hands to pump me.