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A life shared.

Normally, none of them were vindictive or revengeful people, but when Tom related what he had witnessed, and how their children had died, each of them individually, and with intense loathing in their hearts, had vowed to do whatever they could to extract vengeance, and obtain some degree of justice. They wanted the killers to suffer physical and mental abuse. They wanted to know who the killers were, but accepted why at this time they could not, but as part of the punishment they wanted the killers to know who they were.

Roger, standing on a quickly constructed stage holding a microphone that was connected to a sound system spoke; "May I have your attention please? Thank you. My name is Roger. I am one of your hosts for this weekend, and I want to say welcome and thank you for attending. We hope in the next 48 hours you enjoy the food, drink, and entertainment." The crowd roared with approval. "I must make a confession to you that we brought you here under false pretenses which I will explain momentarily. Regardless of why you are here, let me assure you that each and every one was carefully screened and selected to attend. Each of you is important to the events that are about to unfold. After you hear our story and plan, if you desire to leave we will pay you the balance on your promised $10,000 and deliver you to BWI this evening. Those of you who elect to remain and participate will receive a very substantial bonus." Roger paused to allow the applause to roll over him.

"Ladies and gentlemen the reason we are here is to extract some revenge. We are here to obtain retribution from some individuals who have done much to damage America. Along the way they have done many evil things, but toward us they committed a very heinous crime; a crime of mistreatment and death." The crowd grew quite as Roger's words sank into their brains. "Folks, some people are going to arrive shortly who owe mankind a debt for which death would be too painless a punishment. What they deserve is to experience what they inflicted and then have to live with it. Look around you and see the numbers. Does it sound harsh when I say we want each of the 150 plus of you to have anal sexual intercourse with each of our honorees. Let me put it another way, these people have fucked everybody else so now it is time for them to get fucked. By Sunday afternoon we want our guests to experience at least 150 cocks, dildoes, or fists up their asses. It may sound callous to think of 150 to 200 fucks in less than forty-eight hours, but before you make you decide I want you to listen to Tom. He is the only living witness."

As Tom related his story it was possible to see the anger of the crowd grow in intensity. At each revelation they seemed to growl until Tom reached the part where the bodies were dismembered; then they gasped in revulsion. Near the end of Tom's talk the first of the limousines arrived and came to a halt near a small cabin. It was here the guilty would remain until they received their reward.

Roger took the microphone; "You have heard the story.