Funny I am seduced at a conference. Porn Pics

A neglected executive's wife gets the attention she craves.


"My most humble apologies my dear what I meant to say was, I love the way the skirt flairs up showing your hot cunt and your gorgeous bum cheeks, the top could do with one less button done up but otherwise it shows off your firm tits to perfection."

"Ooo you asked for that one bitch." Jerry said laughing

"Wow Mike if I didn't know better I might think you were coming out of your shell." she sat on my lap and added "you better undo another button then."

I looked at Jerry, " I wouldn't argue with her if I was you, after all it was your criticism not mine. I have to go. I will see you later babes be gentle with him."

As I undid the button on Helens top Jerry kissed her goodbye "Mike come round for a drink tonight, bring Mary."

"Yes, will do." I said. But my eyes were firmly fixed on Helens heaving breasts. Tightly fitted into her bra the cleavage seemed to go on forever.

I heard the front door close as Helen said "You like?"

I lifted my gaze " I have liked them since the first moment I saw them."

"I fancy going into the city to do some shopping. Drive me?"

"Err yes, ok sure why not." I stammered "Meet me out the front, ok."

"Ok hun."

That was nice, it made me feel all warm inside, a simple word but with such feeling. I met her out the front and she got in "I love your car." Helen said as she got in.

I laughed, "Jaguar XJS. Old but smooth and in perfect working order just like it's owner, with many more miles in it yet."

Helen laughed at the comparison, "Yes I bet it has, and it's owner."

The town was about twenty minutes away but the city would take another twenty minutes so we chatted, about all sorts of things. Inevitably the conversation turned to the previous nights exploits. "Jerry and I love role play in sex. Do you like role play?"

I was a bit surprised by the question so paused before I answered, "Well I used to but it has been so long now. Why?"

"Well don't take this wrong ok." she said a little nervously, "And you can always say no if you want to but...."

"Get on with it woman, you and your 'You can always say no if you want to' I couldn't ever say no to you and you know it."

She gave that little girly giggle I loved so much, "Hmmm I know, wicked aren't I. Ok. Jerry enjoyed last night so much he gave me his credit card and told me to go out and buy some sexy undies and any other clothes I fancied."

"Yes and....?"

"He sort of suggested that I give you the credit card and pin number and sort of let my father figure treat me to some sexy clothes. What do you think?"

"You mean role playing, Me sugar daddy, you sexy niece kind of thing."

"That's it, what do you think?"

"I'd love to, I have always wanted to be an actor, it will be a laugh."

She launched herself at me, putting her arms around my neck and kissing me on the cheek, "Oooh Mickey it's going to be so much fun with you in the family."

I did manage to keep control of the car, "Mickey, I think I like that, Uncle Mickey. Now don't do that again or I may have to tan your hide young woman."

She twiddled her fingers in her lap, "Sorry Uncle Mickey, I wont do it again." she said childishly.

Most of the city centre was pedestrian way so we had to park the car and walk round the shopping area. As you might have guessed Helen headed straight for a lingerie shop. She handed me the credit card and told me the number, "Lets have some fun." she said

Walking a pace behind her I watched as this little girl, which at the moment is what she was, strolled excitedly into the store.