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Granny's life hangs on a thread.

It sounded like she was really enjoying the attention Dwayne was paying her breasts.

I found the small tube of KY jelly and turned around. When I turned around, though, I dropped the tube. Dwayne's hand had moved from Abbey's tits, down beneath her skirt and into her panties. Her eyes were closed and her breathing ragged as he slowly rubbed her clit in circles. Through the panties I could see his fingers working slowly in circles, then they dropped slowly down and she moaned quietly, "Not the slit. No penetration, he'll be mad."

The sound of the bottle dropping hadn't roused her attention, so I grunted to interrupt. Abbey opened her eyes and blushed again. But Dwayne was shameless, "your wife needs it bad, man."

"Let US worry about that," I picked up the bottle and handed it to Dwayne who passed it to my wife and lay back on our marriage bed.

Abbey squirted a generous amount of lube around the opening of the egg and into the hole. She closed it and handed it back to me. "So, it just slides in?" She asked. But I didn't respond. I was speechless. It seemed clear that both she and Dwayne were in agreement that she would be the one doing this. All anger over the deflowering of my new toy left my mind completely. My wife was getting ready to pleasure a perfect stranger with her own hands!

Not waiting for a response Abbey got to her knees on the bed, her tits hanging down over Dwayne. She placed the egg at the tip of his enormous penis. Then she grabbed the base of his cock with her left hand and slowly eased his tip into the egg. It didn't enter at first. My heart in my chest beat hard, bizarrely wanting my wife to get this stranger's dick into my toy so at least I didn't have to admit I couldn't pay up. Suddenly, with a little more downward force from Abbey, the edges of the egg's hold popped over the tip and latched onto Dwayne's shaft. The egg puffed as air escaped out the sides. He filled the egg completely its sides slightly stretched by the size of his gigantic head. Dwayne sighed deeply and returned his attention to Abbey's clit, pulling aside her panties to reveal her perfectly trimmed blonde bush. This time, there was no protest as his middle finger pressed lightly at her entrance. Rather, she gave a little nod and mumbled, "Please." Dwayne easily slid his finger all the way into my wife's pussy and she let out a gasp of pleasure.

My mouth opened in protest, but no words came out. I returned my gaze to Dwayne's enormous cock, my attention grabbed by the squishing sounds that were emanating from there. My wife's small hand could barely fit around his cock and the egg; with each down stroke, the egg became so thin you could see every detail of Dwayne's monster roaring up through the rubber. Up and down she went 5, 10, 15 times. Dwayne closed his eyes and continued his mad finger attack at my Abbey's snatch.

Abbey's breathing grew ragged and little moans of pleasure began to escape her lips. Disturbed as I was by this scene, I decided to wait it out. I was sure he was about to cum, I had never made this many strokes with an egg at one time and he seemed to be thoroughly enjoying himself. When he finished, I would be able to collect my money and kick him out of our house. But as the thrust count increased above 30 my confidence began to waiver. Then, quiet suddenly, things when horribly wrong for me. First, Abbey was brought to a screaming orgasm by the hand of this stranger. When that happened, she pushed down extra hard on the egg and Dwayne's tip emerged solid and throbbing from the end of it. My precious egg was split in two open and Dwayne still had not come, though his cock was as hard as I had ever seen a dick in my life.

Abbey, still recovering from her orgasm, had fallen down next to Dwayne in our bed.