Funny A man is contacted by a former lover. Porn Pics


The omnibus pulled away and made its way through the noisy streets to Piccadilly.

"This is such a thrill for me" she said as she took his hand and held it with both hers on her lap. This was a thrill for him; he had an involuntary rise in blood pressure and hoped his trousers would conceal it.

They alighted at Piccadilly and went into a Tea House on one of the corners. They drank tea together and talked about art and architecture and he told her all about his general life as a single working man. She carefully avoided talking about literature at this point; she was saving this for him.

"I like your work very much and have been very impressed by the way you work also. I would like to obtain your services on a private basis. I feel the need for some artistic work in my library, and have friends who would also require your services; I'd pay you a little more than I pay Mr Blandish-Wright, and that will be considerably more than he passes on to you. I would rather not involve that awful man who presently employs you." His heart leapt. He was speechless, literally. This was not helped by two dainty booted feet squeezing one of his beneath the cloth covered table. Was there no end to the mischievous streak of this woman? He smiled and found his voice.

"How could I refuse you; I would love to spend more time on my artistic work; how can I ever repay you?" She smiled at him with sweet satisfaction and clasped his hand.

"I intend to make very good use of you; I have lots of female friends with interests similar to mine and can assure you, you will never have to work as you did before." This struck him as a slightly strange statement and made him shiver somewhat, but he was still enthralled with the proposition. Just being close to her regularly was bonus enough.

"When shall I start for you?" She released his hand and pursed her lips in a way which did not help his blood pressure, and opened her clutch-bag. She produced two train tickets.

"If it's ok with you, I'd like you to accompany me home today; you can start tomorrow; I'll pay you double time of course. I would like to show you my library when we get back, and we will toast our little arrangement. I will have my maid prepare one of the spare-rooms for you." She held his hand again, firmly;

"You'll come without making any fuss. I've made up my mind." He just smiled at the control she had over him, she was supremely confident and with the promise of working directly for her, he would do anything she asked of him, anything. She asked for the bill and made sure everyone in the tea-room knew she was paying it.

"Well I never!" said the proprietor, "whatever next?" They left for the station and she kept a tight grip on his hand throughout the journey. He was going to go wherever she wanted him to go.

When they arrived back at Holt House the maid took his coat and smirked at him when Marcia advised he would be staying indefinitely and that she should prepare one of the better and larger rooms.

"The room to the south side would suit him." She said, winking at the maid as she walked on up the stairs to freshen up and change for the evening. This brought about an even bigger smirk from the maid; that room had an internal door which allowed discrete access to Miss Rendlesham's room. She would not tell him that yet though- even though she had been forewarned of this eventuality happening; she allowed her mistress time to disappear into her room before taking him up to freshen up also. She showed him into the room which was three times the size of anything he'd lodged in before and seemed incredibly plush, even with a bare mattress. There was even a sink in the room with running water. As if this were not overwhelming enough, the maid smiled at him and opened a wardrobe. "You'll want to be comfortable for the evening" she produced a pair of silk pyjamas wrapped in brown paper, fresh from a tailor's outlet, and a three quarter length woollen dressing gown.

"Madame has made every preparation to ensure you are comfortable; the wash