Ting and I enjoy the mysteries of the Nile with good friends.

"Oohh. I see what you mean. This is rather nice, isn't it?"

After she unwrapped her towel under the sheet and placed it on the floor by the bed Carolyn became even more aware of the almost sensuous feel of the material on her naked body. When she covered herself with the top sheet held down tightly over her with her arms at her sides, she observed with shock that her nude body was now clearly outlined under the sheer material. She could see how her nipples, now very erect, and even her pubic mound were revealed for all the world to see.

"Oh, my," she muttered, not sure of how she could keep herself covered. She couldn't go with the bedclothes routine again, she just couldn't! She really needed some sleep tonight, otherwise she would be absolutely worthless tomorrow, and the only way that worked was by going without clothes.

"To Hell with it," she whispered. She had enough to worry about. She was finished with this almost morbid fixation she had about sex! She would conquer the fire, it was that simple, and get on with the joy of living. Her nipples would go down eventually (please, God!) and in the meantime all she could do was hope that Tamiko would just turn out the light and not notice what a true slut her new American friend really was. She was tired of worrying about such things and refused to do so any more.

After Tamiko's usual frantic good-night kiss, Carolyn waited patiently for her breath and pulse to return to normal. As she lay there, waiting for sleep to come at last, she became aware that there always seemed to be a sensual side to anything Tamiko had given her. Interesting that she had never noticed this before. Almost the kind of gifts a couple in love would give to each other. The kid probably wasn't even aware of it herself.

"Poor thing, she must really be lonely!" Carolyn thought full of sympathy, just before nodding off. "Probably not enough guys in her life. Wonder if I can find her a cousin who isn't too much of a jerk?" Tamiko looked with pride at the beautiful nude woman sleeping so peacefully beside her. Her first adult! Right here! It was so exciting, she could hardly contain herself. Before this, she could only play with the other girls in her school, sharpening her already formidable skills for the time when they would be most needed. Finally, that time had arrived and now she had her very own full-grown woman.

"I always heard that America was truly the land of opportunity," she thought, "but this is amazing!"

She lovingly watched the steady rise and fall of Carolyn's firm, unprotected breasts under the slick, silk sheet. Tamiko even now could still only look at Carolyn Lord in awe and marvel at the wonder of her. How trusting she is! How beautiful! How intelligent! How proud! What a victory it will be for her, Tamiko, to turn this astounding woman to her own ends.

Yet, this was not to be a simple seduction. She had already proven to Carolyn that she could take her at any time she wanted, and Tamiko was sure that Carolyn at least subconsciously realized this. She could sense the woman's reaction to her presence, that nervous below-the- surface feeling of anticipation, whenever she got close to her, especially when nude. No, this was to be something far more intense and long lasting.

Nor was there to be any of the obvious public trappings of master and property she had seen here and at home. Tattoos, dog collars, body piercing and the like seemed like acts of absolute madness to the young Japanese. Why destroy a work of art just to prove your ownership of it? She knew there were other, much more subtle ways of doing the same thing. It simply required skill and a little patience. Look at what she had done with her already.

The looked again at the wondrous nude body so clearly delineated underneath the silk. It had required long nights and patient work, but she finally had the delectable Miss Carolyn Lord right where she wanted her. Now, the work could truly begin! Oh, happiness!

She was planning to have a great deal of fun with this woman, and in time come to pos