Funny Alex, er, I mean, Candi, finds her true self... Porn Pics

He seduces his sister & friend's mother.

"Honey, I know you are not going to like this but you have one of three choices: 1) you can roll around being miserable till you have a bowel movement on your own 2) you can go to the doctors and let them give you an enema or 3) you can let me give you one here at home."

He just groaned in response as he turned on his side and held his stomach.

She kept her voice very low and reasonable, "You know I am right, don't you," she continued to cajole.

He whimpered and looked at her ever so pitifully. "I guess you are right," he finally muttered. "I can't stand this much longer." "My body is betraying me," he whined and clutched his stomach.

She had gradually scooted up beside him and now leaned over to feel his stomach, touching it gently but firmly. "Oh, honey," she said, "you are bloated and tight, but don't worry, I am going to fix you right up."

She ignored his even louder moans as she got up from the bed and headed to the bathroom. She tried to keep the smile from her face as she went about getting the enema bag out and starting the water running so that it would warm up. Soon she had the nozzle picked out and attached; the bag filled with water warm, and had added a couple of drops of liquid soap to the bag. She got out the KY jelly and applied it generously to the nozzle before setting all of her stuff on the counter.

She walked back in the room with a towel to get him ready, "Ok, honey, you need to stand up and take your briefs off and let me put this towel on the bed."

He mumbled and moaned as she helped him stand up and while he struggled a bit to remove his briefs, she placed a heavy towel on the bed.

She patted the towel, "Just lay back down the way you were on your right side, with your left leg over and kind of pulled up."

She helped him get in the desired position. Then she went back to the bathroom to get the full enema bag, the tube of KY, and remembered to get the butt plug out of her toy bag. She placed everything but the bag on the nightstand. Then remembering she didn't have a hanger in the bedroom, she took the picture down over the bed, leaned it against the wall, and hung the bag on the picture hook.

He had watched all her preparations and was dreading the treatment. He had been so constipated one time before they were married and ended up in the emergency room at the hospital. The nurse sure didn't take any pity on him and he was almost as miserable with the treatment as he was prior to going into the ER. He wondered if that experience had led to his aversion to anything anal, well that and his prostate exam at his yearly physical. He mentally shuddered, just remembering.

When he saw the size of the nozzle on the enema bag, he cringed. "God Lord, I don't remember the nozzle being that big when I had an enema at the hospital," he moaned and his eyes widened.

"Quit whining," she told him, "I use this same sized nozzle all the time and I live through it."

"Yeah, but," he started.

"No buts," she chimed in, "if it works for me, it ought to work alright for you, too," she added, "and besides, I have a special distraction technique I am going to use on you."

"Huh," he grunted, "what do you mean by that?"

He wondered if he should change his mind and try to suffer through or go to the hospital, but wasn't sure he could even walk to the car, much less drive himself without being in agony.

"Trust me," she soothed, "have I ever hurt you before?"

"Well, no, but," and he stopped, "never mind," he continued, "Just do it."

She hid her smile, got the tube of KY, and squeezed a big dollop on her finger. Taking her other hand she pulled on one of his butt cheeks a bit and started working her lubricated finger around and into his hole very slowly. Soon, she had her full finger inside of him and started working it in and out.

He squirmed a bit, not liking the idea of her invading his forbidden hole, but soon realized she wasn't hurting him a bit, in fact, it felt kind of good.