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Nothing else. My already perking cock was rubbing against my pants as I walked into the bar. There was Steve, sitting at a table in the corner. He looked like a young professional guy. I walked up and introduced myself, then I sat down across from him. Just two business guys meeting for a drink....

No one would have ever guessed that my first two questions were: "Are you Steve?" (Yes, nice to meet you Tom.)

Then: "Are you a really good cock sucker?" (Never had any complaints.) I smiled and said "No one ever complains about a blowjob right?"

We finished our drinks, talking in low tones about how much we wanted to play before he left for home at Midnight. I charged the bar tab to my room and invited him up.

We played it very straight in the elevator and then down the hall walking towards my room. When I opened the door and let him in, I stepped in behind him and pulled his back against my chest. The door barely closed when my left hand slid under his shirt and grabbed his nipple. My right hand slid across the front of his pants and down to his crouch. I squeezed and stroked his cock until it was hard as a rock. Meanwhile my hard cock was grinding into his slender ass.

He was already breathing deep. When I told him he was going to be my black bitch tonight, he moaned enthusiastically. I released him and told him to strip. The Viagra had kicked in long ago. My dick was rock hard and watching him undress for me only made it worse.

Is black body was so smooth and sexy. He was in pretty good shape. And his long black dick was already pointing toward the ceiling. When he came back across the room to me, Steve asked what I wanted. "Take my clothes off."

He was so motivated. As he lifted my shirt over my head he slowed down and sucked on both of my man tits. Now it was my turn to moan. I slipped out of my shoes as he unbuckled my belt, unzipped my pants and let them fall to the floor. My dick was rock hard. He dropped to his knees and took the head into his hot mouth.

His hand went to my balls and squeezed them playfully. For a guy who says he's only been with a couple guys, he sure knows how to suck a cock. He alternated between stroking my cock with his hand and swallowing it whole. My sensitive cockhead felt so good rubbing against his tongue and the back of his throat. I pulled out long enough to shift over to the bed and lay down on my back.

He went right back to work. As I spread my furry legs, he continued to stroke my cock while his long pink tongue worked over my balls. Then he continued down and slowly started in between my ass cheeks. He was begging me to let him rim my hairy ass.

I rolled over on my stomach, put a pillow under my belly and lifted my ass in the air. Steve took an ass cheek in each hand and spread me wide open. His tongue worked its way around my ass, while his hand continued to milk my cock like a teet. I was in ecstasy when he finally worked his tongue into my tight sphincter.

He worked my ass for what seemed like hours, I needed to come. And bad.

When I leaned forward and pulled my ass from his mouth, he begged for more. I sat up and reached for his cock. It was so fine. I gave him a few long strokes, then leaned in to take him in my mouth. His dick was so smooth and hard in my mouth. I had sucked thicker dicks. But never one this long. I squeezed his balls and he spread his legs even further, then I slid my finger up and into his ass he got very very vocal.

With his cock in my mouth and my finger in his ass, he started begging me to fuck his black ass. Finally, I told him to shut up before the neighbors complained.

It took a second to slide a rubber over my cock and slap the KY all over it. I had know intention of going slow. His black ass was going to be mine.

He raised his ass to me and his beautiful cock hung down between his legs.