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I explore my gifts a little.

And she'll never forget how she crushed his heart with her comment:

"Dana, what are you thinking?" asked Jonathan after he told her his fantasy of making love to her.

Dana answered, "I'm thinking...that by talking to you, I have now realized how much I love my boyfriend."

Months later, she wanted to redeem herself. So she called Jonathan, hoping he was back from his European vacation.

"Hello?" Jonathan answered.

"Jonathan, its me, Dana," she trembled into the phone, trying desperately not to drop it.

"Hey sweetie, how are you?" he coolly asked.

"Well, I'll let you know after you answer this question," she said.

"Okay, sure," Jonathan said, perplexed.

"Do you still love me?" Dana asked as she closed her eyes and clenched the phone tightly.

Jonathan's heart skipped a beat, "Of course I do, I've always loved you, why?"

"I have been such a fool Johnnie, I really have. I want to give us a chance, I want to feel what it is like to be loved by the most wonderful man alive," Dana continued, "I want to meet you. As soon as possible."

Jonathan's expression looked like he swallowed a canary. He had waited to hear those words for so long now, thinking it would never come, and now he heard them. She wanted to know right, then, and there, where he lived. So he gave her the directions. Four hours later, the knock on the door came.

Jonathan opened his eyes, as the doorbell rang again. Calmly, he opened the door, and was greeted by the most beautiful sight his eyes had ever seen. There stood Dana, in a beautiful sundress, her breasts and hips accentuating her body. And damn, those legs! Her legs seemed to go on forever. He went right up to her, looked into her stormy blue eyes, ran his fingers through her cascading blonde hair. Not yet, he thought. That will come later.

When Jonathan opened the door, Dana was just enthralled with what she saw. He was so nicely dressed, just as she always imagined him. His short black hair, and those inviting dark eyes...she had always wondered what it was like to have those eyes gazing into hers, looking straight into her soul. His touch through her hair was electrifying. Her voice was nothing more than a whisper when she raised the courage to speak.

"Hello, Jonathan."

"Dana, hi, come on in," his smile just melted her heart. He had her, and they both knew it. It was only a matter of time.

Dinner went well. One of the qualities Jonathan was blessed with was his ability to cook well and cook healthy. The conversation they had was incredible, as they just relished in the moment.

They stood up and began to slow dance to the music being played in the background.

"Jonathan...I wanted to apologize for the way I've treated you...and how I never gave you the chance until..." Dana was cut off.

Jonathan put his index finger to his lips, telling her to say no more. He gently cradled her face, looked deeply into her eyes, and grazed her lips with his. He moved across the upper lip, then down and back over her lower lip. He took a step back, and Dana thought the moment was over. But she thought wrong. Jonathan still held her face, looked at her one more time, then closed his eyes, and brought his lips to her lips. She gently opened her mouth, inviting Jonathan's soft tongue inside. The taste of white zinfandel was wonderful. His arms wrapped around her waist as Dana gave Jonathan's ass a squeeze.

All of a sudden, Jonathan lifted Dana up and carried her to his bedroom, their mouths never separating.