Funny Indian housewife's liberation continues. Porn Pics

Older man finds love in a much younger woman.


He enjoyed the simple intimacy of the task. 'Do my whole back,' she'd said, and he did. Back, butt, legs, enjoying the resilience of her bottom as he rubbed the sunblock in. When he'd finished her back, she took the sunblock from him, glancing across at the others in the little bay.

"I guess I'd better do my own front," she said.

He gave a theatrical sigh. "I guess."

Grace giggled, then sobered. "Steve, I enjoyed the swim, but do you know anywhere we could swim where we're not fighting the pull of the surf all of the time? Apart from the city pool, I mean."

"Swim? Yeah, sure. We could use Eleanor Roberts's pool, if you like."

"Won't she mind?"

"She's not even at home. She left me the keys, asked me to do a daily check. I'll need to do her pool service in a day or two in any case." He grinned. "Know what she said to me, before she left?"

"Of course I don't. What?"

"She said, 'if you and Grace want to use it, you're welcome.'"


"Yep. She made the point that it was only to be the two of us, no parties or anything, but if you want to swim in a pool, we have one."

"How big is it? Some of these home pools are dinky."

"It's a good size. Eleanor's a swimmer, too, and that's why she wanted the house, because of the pool. How big? Maybe sixty feet by thirty?"

Grace grinned. "Guess I'm practising my turns a lot. Um, Steve? Is it private?"

"Totally. You won't need your bikini if you don't want to wear it."


"Definitely! You may not be aware of this, Grace, but you are a truly lovely creature." He grinned. "Especially naked!"

"Down, boy! Steve, sun for a little while, then eat. Not a good idea to swim on a full stomach, so maybe a little drive around for a while? Then we'll have that swim?"

"Sounds good. Let's do it."

It was almost two before they reached the house. They'd idled in the sun for a while, just chatting, enjoying each other's company. The picnic only slowed the conversation, not stopped it, and the drive around just made an ever-changing background to their talking. By the time they reached Eleanor Roberts' house they were truly comfortable with each other. To their mutual surprise, they'd found out they were planning on attending the same college. Not only that, but the same course of study!

"I thought you were going to do fine art," said Grace.

"I was, but I enjoy it as a hobby, and I decided that's where I want to keep it, as a hobby. No, I'm doing computer science, like you."

"Great! I thought I'd be surrounded by geeks and nerds. To have you there as well will make it bearable out of class."

They were at the house now, and Grace stood back while Steve opened up.

"Nice place, Steve. I guess Eleanor has money."

"Maybe her husband. She booted him out when she found out about him two-timing her."

"Good for her."

"Come on, the pool's this way."

Grace smiled in simple pleasure when she saw the pool. "Steve, it's great! Where do I change?"

"I think we can just drop our clothes beside the pool. We only need towels, unless you want to get some more sun after your swim."

"No, I think I've had enough sun. I'm sure we'll think of something."

"I guess. Okay, clothes off, and I'll race you!"

Grace laughed as she began to remove her clothes. Not much, as she wasn't wearing a bra, just panties, shorts, tank-top and sneakers. "What are we racing for?"

He shrugged. "Dunno. Any idea?"

"How about the winner gives the loser one order, which has to be obeyed?"

He frowned, and Grace grinned. "Go on, take a chance."

"Okay. One order only?"

"Just the one."

"You're on. How do we do this? We were both on the swim team, Grace, but I'm bigger, stronger, most probably faster."

"True. How about this? Dive start. Ten laps for you, nine for me, any stroke that suits you. Okay with that?"

"Yep. Want to try the pool out first, check the temperature?"